What is the best hair transplant?

What is the best hair transplant?

What is the best hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a medical procedure where a trained expert transfers hair from a dense area of the head to the bald areas. In men, this is usually from the back to the front. The procedure is done under anesthesia and in a designated location with adequate equipment. Hair loss is due to many causes, including heredity, disease conditions, dietary and hormonal imbalance.

People who need hair transplants include men and women with hair loss due to baldness and thinning, respectively. Other categories of people include those with hair loss from injuries. However, you must note that not everyone in this category is a good candidate, such as those with hair loss from cancer treatment. Usually, the expert uses between one and ten hairs per graft, depending on the area under treatment. On this note, visit experts like Dr. Alexis a Melbourne hair surgeon, for thorough evaluation and hair treatment.

What are the different hair transplant options?

Hair transplant is fast becoming a popular and increasingly accepted mode for treating a wide variety of hair loss. However, the best option is not always surgery. 

As a start, you can try oral and topical options when you notice hair loss. The oral treatment is through minoxidil, and the topical one is finasteride. These material are famous, approved, and can be gotten without a prescription.

If you wish to have a hair transplant after these material’ commencement, you should use them for a year. This will lay a good foundation for the success of the surgery. Do not rush your decisions as most of the options before you are expensive. No one likes losing their hair but be prudent before trying any product or option.

In addition, do your research about the procedure, medication, and the surgeon. This is a common cause of multiple and failed operations. Most hair transplants are successful, but a few need repetition due to several factors. Also, hair treatment or transfer is a procedure that many famous people have undergone. Hence, it is not an endeavor to be ashamed of or hiding from. 

Furthermore, most surgical options are not painful as they’re done under adequate anesthesia. They might be tender after the procedure for a few days, but you’ll be given analgesics. 

Surgical options

Surgery is the mainstay of treatment in most cases. However, there are several of them. The best is the Follicular Unit Extraction method. This is the most effective hair transplant method, and it involves plucking hair follicles from dense hair areas of the head using some specific tools. These hairs are transferred and inserted in areas with thinning hair. This is not a painful procedure as the surgeon will numb the area under treatment. The procedure leaves no scar and takes approximately eight hours. 

You should expect fruitful results from a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant within four months and a permanent effect in a year. It is not invasive and costs between £5,000 and £12,000. This is the method of choice for most celebrities. 

The second method you might consider is (Advanced Trico Pigmentation. This method is less invasive than the first and involves creating a tattoo-induced illusion of hair using a spot of ink and a special needle. The effects are permanent. Hence, it would help if you think twice before opting for this method. You should expect it to cost between £1,000 and £3,000. This is the method of choice for people with short hair. 

On our list of best hair transplant methods is one that resembles the extraction process. It is known as (Follicular Unit Transplantation. It invokes harvesting hairs from a sense part of the head and dividing them into groups before inserting them into bald areas. This procedure is more invasive than any other and costs around the same price as the first method. Another downside to this method is scar formation, which takes up to a year to heal. In the meantime, you can hide the scar under your hair. You can expect results as early as four months and a permanent effect in a year. 

Even though the extraction method is the overall best, we implore that you personalize your decisions and not go with celebrity-induced options. You might not even be a good candidate for a transplant. Hence, instead of wasting money and resources, do a comprehensive research about all the options available. If you’ve chosen to go for a transplant, find the best surgeons near you for more probability of success.