What is plastic extrusion?

What is plastic extrusion?

What is plastic extrusion?

Plastic Extrusion:

Plastic extrusion is a process that includes high-volume manufacturing in which the polymer material gets melted.

Extrusion process in which the material gets a specialized shape with the help of some specific tools.

The plastic extrusion uses different thermoplastics in which the material gets heat and melts. And such temperature depends upon the extrusion plastic. Some of the common plastic extrusions are polythene, nylon, polystyrene, and polypropylene.

One of the prototype plastic extrusions is 3D printed extrusions. It requires no tool and needs very little time for extrusion.

Process of plastic extrusion:

There are many things which come under the process of plastic extrusion. The main things are the hopper, feed throat, barrel, screw, screw drive motor, breaker plate, feed pipe, die, and a cooling system.

The polymer is the raw material which gets the form in the granules. And with the help of the feed throat, it is fed into the hopper. Afterward, it drops to the rotating screw, and screw rotation is done with the help of a screw drive motor. The screw design depends on the material and the final design of a product. The plastic comes forward with the help of a heated barrel which decreases the channel of the screw and compresses the plastic. And further to increase the temperature it uses Proportional Integral Derivative. And through which plastic gets melted at a higher temperature. Afterward, when the plastic gets to mix and reach the last of the screw it removes the material of the rotational memory and filters the contaminants. The filter material will push with the help of the die, and this die will give the final product.

 Types of plastic extrusion:

When we talk about the types there are many types of plastic extrusion. The type of plastic extrusion depends on the shape of the die, on the formation of the product, etc. Following are the types:

  • Tube extrusion:

Such type of extrusion is for the pipes and tubes. After exiting the die such pipes get into the cool tank where they get normal cool water. This process includes the air with some positive pressure.

  • Sheet film:

Such type of extrusion is for the extrusion of thick films and plastic sheets. When this exits the die it gets pulled through the cooling roll series which thick the sheet.

  • Blow Film:

This is the type of extrusion which makes the plastic films with continuous sheeting. Such a process includes the melting of the film tube. This process expands the thickness of the film and is mainly used for shopping bags production.

  • Over Jacket:

This process includes the wire which gets pulled to the center. The wire is covered with molten plastic and gets pressurized when it exits the die. This type of extrusion is used for the coating of the wire.

  • Coextrusion:

It is the extrusion of the many layers of the materials.


  • It is an economical manufacturing method.
  • A continuous process and maintains high volume output.
  • Helpful in the production of wall thickness plastic.
  • Better flexibility.
  • Molds and shapes the plastic material.
  • Also manufactures thermoplastic and natural plastic.
  • The cost of the tools is very low.
  • Mainly it manufactures plastic wires.

Products through plastic extrusion:

There are many products which get formulated with the process of plastic extrusion. Some of the products are:

  • Extrusion of the tube and hollow pipe:

Sewer pipes and PVC water are the most common forms of plastic extrusion. The tube of plastic is also necessary to transport the oxygen in the ICU.

  • Extrusion of solid shapes:

Such extrusion also forms many of the shapes. Such shapes are squares, round, hexagonal, and many other pieces.

  • Extrusion of wire:

The electrical wire is also maintained with the help of the extrusion of the plastic. The wire must have strong electrical suppleness, insulation properties, and abrasive resistance.


One of the most effective and beneficial processes of molding the shapes of plastic is plastic extrusion. The plastic extrusion gives a particular shape to the product with the help of extra heat. Such a process is economical for the environment and uses very little cost as compared to the others. You can prototype plastic extrusions with 3D extrusion. This process manufactures many very useful products.