What Is Fact And What’s The Myth On Air Conditioning Services

In most areas throughout the country, the summer heat can become extreme. It makes air conditioning in the home necessary for comfort and safety, particularly for small children and seniors. As a homeowner, it’s essential to understand your system and its functionality.

Contradictory information can be found in various circles, making it difficult to know which is valid and what is merely a myth. Optimizing air conditioning benefits is difficult when you can’t tell fact from fiction. In some cases, it can make the system less efficient.

When a system has to work harder, the more wear and tear on the components, more repair, higher energy costs, and a reduced lifespan.

Instead of following ideas that may or may not be accurate, learn about your model from the skilled professional responsible for AC installation and who will provide initial instructions. The expert will debunk the common myths by offering genuine details. Let’s look at a few falsehoods to help you become more informed.

Do You Know The Facts On Your Air Conditioning System

When the credentialed, reputable AC installation contractor installs your system; the professional will explain the components, features, and how each functions for optimum efficiency. You might have read or heard various tips and tricks to perhaps save money, maybe make the air cooler, or other sorts of myths.

The only one that can give you the facts is the technician providing AC services. When you’re unsure whether a particular idea will work with your system, contact the service provider to explain it so you can become better informed. Let’s look at some myths to see what the truth is.

The largest units provide the best results

When an AC contractor provides a consult for AC install, the professional inspects the home, each space inside the house, assessing the square footage to determine an adequate size for the system. It’s vital that it not be too large or too small. In either situation, the equipment will work inefficiently.

An oversized unit will stop and start frequently, resulting in the compressor burning out and wear and tear of other parts. You will need to replace the unit much faster in this scenario. Until that point, your energy costs will be excessive.

Air filters can wait to be changed out with preventive maintenance

The AC contractor generally performs preventive maintenance once, sometimes twice each year. The recommendation is usually in the spring and fall before the extreme seasons.

Air filters collect dust, dirt, and particles from the air, ultimately clogging them over time. That leads to poor airflow if you don’t either clean or change them regularly.

That means the equipment will become inefficient. The recommendation is to change the filter roughly every 90 days or more frequently depending on your location, if pets are in the home, and if someone in the household is compromised with their respiratory system.

It’s a simple, straightforward household maintenance task that saves wear and tear on the system and costs on energy bills.



Make the room cooler by adding fans in the space

When you add fans in addition to the air conditioning system, you’re using more electricity, increasing energy use, and raising costs, but you’re not cooling the space extra from what the AC is doing. Fans don’t impact the temperature in the room.

The air from the fan only gives you a breeze blowing on you as it passes by.

The purpose of a fan is to help people cool down, but it won’t bring the temperature in the room down.

The air conditioner can give a person a cold

People blame the AC unit for giving them a cold. Viruses and bacteria are the only genuine cause of an illness like a cold. What air conditioning can do is aggravate allergies with the various irritants circulating throughout the household, like pollen, dander, and other particles.

This is another reason the air filter must be changed frequently to avoid repercussions for those suffering from asthma or allergies. Click here for helpful hints on air conditioning equipment to keep you informed.

It’s unnecessary to enlist routine preventive maintenance with your AC unit

Investing in preventive maintenance keeps an AC system functioning at peak performance and optimum efficiency for a longer lifespan. With a tuneup, the service provider inspects for defects and damages, making the necessary corrections before these can turn into major problems.

With the ideal AC install, the AC technician will follow your system for repairs, preventive maintenance, and keep the unit functioning efficiently throughout its lifetime.

As a rule, most warranties require annual maintenance. Skipping this can void the equipment’s warranty. You’ll then be responsible for the costly repairs and maintenance expenses.

Final Thought

It’s easy to fall prey to many of the myths that circulate. Once an idea starts, it snowballs. The ideal way to learn the truth when you’re unsure if what you’re hearing is accurate is to speak with the AC service provider responsible for your preventive maintenance.

These professionals will separate facts from fiction, keeping you informed and educated for optimum operation.

When you work closely with the experts enlisting services regularly, you’ll save money on energy costs, extend the life of your equipment, and be able to share what you learn with those close to you, simple AC system tips and tricks from legitimate resources.