What is Cowboy Style and how did Cowboy Hats become famous?    

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

Being able to look at the world through the eyes of another culture brings many rewards. The way people perceive life, dress, act, and respond to daily situations is vastly different from one region to another. For example, if you were to visit a rural area in India, China or Japan it would be very unlikely for you to find someone wearing the type of shoes you would be wearing when you visit an urban area in these regions.

Furthermore, when someone from one culture looks at the way people dress in another region it is likely they might not even recognize what is being worn as clothing; this is how different cultures are.

This paper will seek to explore the Cowboy Style and how Cowboy Hats became famous.

What is the origin of cowboy style?

The origin can be traced to North America since it was formerly called as Wild West and those people who used to live there were referred as cowboys. The outfits included hats, coats, boots and spurs (source). When these dresses were worn together, they formed a unique outfit that was totally different from other styles that were being worn at the time.

Today, cowboy style is associated with outfits worn in North America by cowboys who are still very popular because of their historical significance (Ibid). This particular style has been embraced by people all around the world and this is perhaps why it has remained to be one of the most common styles that can be seen anywhere today. Cowboy hats are such a huge part of this particular style that without the hat no one would ever know if someone is wearing cowboy clothes or not. The hat completes the outfit and gives it a finished look.

During those times, these cowboys were called as ranchers and they used to look after cattle in the ranches. They were required to protect their cattle from natural predators like foxes, snakes and lions. At times they would need to protect these animals against theft by local bandits. The clothes that were used during those days included coats, boots and spurs. The clothes made it possible for the people to move freely when they were in their ranches and when they would be moving around the cattle. They also had to wear hats in order to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions like rain and sun.

The development of this style is very unique and it can be explained using cultural attitude towards clothes worn by men during those times. One major reason that made cowboy clothes to be worn by men is due to the fact that women were not allowed to wear them. In the beginning, there was a discussion among people whether or not women should be allowed to wear these kinds of clothes. It was argued that this style was only meant for men. This statement is something that cannot be supported using facts and evidence from the history of clothes being worn.

What are some famous cowboy hat styles?

There are many different types of cowboy hats and they all come with their unique design and style. Some of them include:

The first type is the open crown western hat and it has a shorter brim. This particular hat can be often seen in movies and it is mostly worn by the actors who are portraying the role of a cowboy.

The next type of cowboy hat that can be seen in movies includes the Gambler or Outlaw style. This is very popular and it has some resemblance to the first type of cowboy hat.

The third type includes, Stampede strings, hats with strings attached to them. These strings give the person wearing it more options on how they can wear this hat. They are often used by people who are riding horses for different occasions like weddings and other social events.

The fourth one includes, Wedding Hats or Bowler Hat that has a rounded top along with a brim that is turned up on the sides.

The fifth one includes, Straw Hats and these are very common among people who live in the Caribbean islands and they use them for different occasions.

The sixth one is called, Panama Hat and it is made from toquilla straw that was harvested in Ecuador. These hats come with a wide brim and upturned edges.

These are the most common cowboy hats that were worn by cowboys during their time. They are still used by people who live in the western part of North America.

What is its history?

Today, it is no doubt that cowboy style has become widely popular throughout the world and this is because of several factors that will be explained in detail in this article. One of the main reasons for these kinds of clothes to become so popular is due to Hollywood movies that were filmed during the 1920s and 1930s. These movies gained popularity throughout the world because they presented people with lifestyles that can only be seen in movies.

One of the most important factors that made this style so famous is the fact that it appealed to both men and women. People throughout the world were in love with what they saw in movies and they wanted to look like their favorite actor or actress. This helped in increasing sales of cowboy boots, hats and other clothes that were used by people during those times.

Cowboy clothing became very popular in the 1900s and this led to several people trying to imitate what they saw in movies. They made sure that their clothes were almost identical to what was seen in Hollywood movies. Wearing boots, jeans, hats and other clothing items helped them look like real cowboys. The interest of people towards cowboy style started decreasing during the 1940s but it continued to be popular in the western part of North America. It was often considered as an act of bravery by people who were living in the western part of North America.

However, it is important to mention that some people started to wear these kinds of clothes for different reasons like style and fashion. Some people also wore this clothing because they wanted to display their unique personality and thinking that this style is suitable for them.


The history of cowboy hat styles has been traced back to several years ago when people started wearing these kinds of clothes. It was argued that this style was only meant for men. This statement is something that cannot be supported using facts and evidence from the history of clothes that were worn by people in the western part of North America.

Over the years, cowboy style has become very popular and this is because of several factors that have been explained in detail in this article. It is important to understand that even though it was only meant for men at first, women started wearing them too in order to look fashionable and stylish. To know more you can visit our site – American Hat Company.