What is an online stamp maker?



Online stamp makers are a kind of software built into the website, which allows you to create your own seal design with incredible simplicity. Specifically, MyStampReady is based on vector graphic technology. This ensures high-quality detailing, as well as a wide selection of components. Stamp makers are perfect for companies, who need to refresh their seal design, improve their previous seal or simply create their first rubber stamp design from scratch.

Why is MyStampReady online stamp maker the best one of its kind?

1. Wide range of features

When it comes to the quality of a seal design, this stamp maker obviously beats the competition. Basically, you can do whatever you want: change the shape of your stamp, add the inscriptions, integrate the decorative elements, experiment with the color of the seal, and, of course, add your own company logos and adjust its size.

2. Simplicity of use

To make a stamp design, you don’t need any experience in creating seals in graphic editors. MyStampReady has a simple interface that everyone will easily get used to easily. Also, many people will definitely like the fact that this editor is online, which means that you can start immediately and without waiting for the software to download on your computer.

3. Bargain prices

The formats available for download and prices on each one will be parsed later in the article, but, going forward, it’s worth saying that MyStampReady’s pricing is the lowest on the market.

4. Large selection of payment methods

There are several ways of paying for the order: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

5. Big stamp template gallery

In the “gallery” section you will find hundreds of seal examples that are available for editing and customization. If you are not sure about what you want your future rubber stamp to look like, the best decision for you is to scroll through the gallery and try to modify a couple of ready-made seals. The gallery is constantly updated, so you will always have something to choose from.

6. Total quality assurance

If you don’t like the quality of the layout received or if you made a mistake on your seal (misspelled the word, added the wrong logo, etc.) MyStampMaker will make a full refund or send you a new layout for free. The company states that for its 7 years of existence they have faced such situations only a couple of times, but you never know what could happen, so their working policy will definitely ensure your confidence

7. The website is adapted for smartphones

This peculiarity will be extremely useful for those, who don’t have a computer or a laptop at hand. There are as many functions and abilities of stamp editing on the smartphone as on the desktop version of the website.

8. Ability to save a draft

If you are planning to finish your layout later, you can save it so you don’t have to redo the stamp from scratch again.

8. Tech support

If you have any questions about the website or if you need to clarify other aspects, you should ask the technical support, which works 24/7, for help. They will answer you in WhatsApp or send you an email – whatever method is the best for you and help you figure out the issue.

Formats of the layouts and their cost

The final result is available for download in 4 formats, each of which has its own specificities. Let’s examine each one:

  • PNG. This one is the most basic and popular. You just get the image of your stamp layout with a transparent background. You can download the stamp png layout for $1.20.
  • SVG. A Scalable Vector Graphic is a type of image format that is mainly used for rubber stamps engraving. This one is scalable and will not lose the quality when scaling it up. The price of a layout in SVG format is $1.90.
  • PDF. This format is usually used for documents with complex layouts, and rubber stamp designs are one of those. You can purchase a PDF layout for $2.55.
  • DOCX. For $3.30 you will get a Word document with a pre-set seal. This template saves you time in case you need to send a contract or agreement to the customer online.

What do I do with the layouts?

MyStampReady is quite a big brand in the stamp industry, so it collaborates with hundreds of rubber stamp manufacturers all over the world. The most convenient option is to order the stamp production right on the website when getting your layout. Fabricators create a unique stamp by engraving on rubber or using vulcanization technology. Each fabricator possesses special machines for stamp making, which ensure the high quality of printing. You can choose the manufacturer you would like to get the final product from, select the stamp type you need and the quantity. Here are the approximate prices for each type of rubber stamp (for 1 item):

  • Traditional (wooden) – from $10
  • Self-inking – from $15
  • Pre-inked – from $30

If you don’t have any stamp manufacturers in your city that collaborate with MyStampReady, there are some more ways to create a rubber stamp after you get the layout. You can contact one of the companies that produce custom ink pads and buy the stamps’ enclosure in online shops, or you can create a stamp using a Cricut machine in case you have one.

Anyway, if you have found at least one of the rubber stamp producers on the MyStampReady’s website not that far from you, we strongly recommend ordering your stamp immediately because you’ll basically kill two birds with one stone, save your time and money.


MyStampReady is probably the best online stamp maker on the market that offers a huge variety of features, cheap prices for layouts, and responsive tech support. If you don’t really trust freelance designers but still want to get a good-looking stamp in order to develop your brand – MyStampReady is the perfect decision for you.