What Every Bride Should Know About Choosing a Lace Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Whether you’re planning on a simple wedding ceremony or a more lavish one, a lace wedding dress is a great option. Wearing one will make you look elegant, demure and feminine, with just the right hint of sexy. Here are some crucial facts about lace.

Lace Oozes Class and Luxury

However simple your dress may be, a touch of lace adds the necessary flair and splendour that your special day entails. It makes any simple dress look classy and expensive, even when it’s not.

Lace Is a Bride’s Most Versatile Ally

Lace is wonderful for either vintage or simple beach weddings. It also suits various silhouettes such as A-line, mermaid or sheath, as well as virtually all necklines.

Lace Adds a Simple Yet Elegant Accent to Any Wedding Dress

Lace gives a more interesting texture, depth and character to an otherwise plain white dress. Depending on your preferred style, you can have a lace bodice, a lace back, lace sleeves, lace on the skirt, lace on hem and train, a lace waist accent, a lace bolero, a lace veil, lace illusion details or embellished lace details. A lace bodice will look wonderful with a chiffon, satin or tulle skirt. You can also choose to have an all-over lace dress design. Sky’s the limit to your creativity.

Lace Can Suit and Flatter Any Body Type

The sheer fabric of your wedding dress can, unfortunately, accentuate lumps you wish to keep hidden, but a lace pattern can obscure and draw attention away from such imperfections. It can help play up your best features as well as hide your not-so-good ones. With the proper lace pattern and style, petite and plus-size brides alike will look stunning on their special day. A smaller lace pattern slims down curvier brides, while a larger lace pattern adds bulk to slender brides.

Lace Is a Timeless Treasure

Fashion is ever-changing, but lace never goes out of style. It has been a favourite of many wedding dress designers in the distant past and remains so even up to the present. It proves to be a classic style that looks great in both modern and vintage motifs.

Lace Has Several Popular Designs

Knit Lace: It is comfortable and soft and ideal for flattering your curves.

Venetian Lace or Guipure Lace: Lacking any net background, this one is firm and stiff. If you like texture, this one is for you. With patterns formed together using embroidery stitches, guipure looks somewhat similar to embroidery and macramé.

Embroidered Lace: Consisting of delicate patterns stitched tightly onto either a thin or thick illusion base netting, this lace adds dimension and depth to a dress. Usually, including interconnected floral designs, the patterns resemble appliques.

Chantilly Lace: Usually featuring ribbons and flowers outlined in a cordonnet, this popular lace transforms any wedding dress into a romantic and delicate ensemble. Most designers use this in sleeves and dress overlays.

Brocade: Although it is not as delicate-looking as Chantilly or Alencon, the thicker brocade exudes a unique aura of sophistication.

Alencon: This needlepoint lace is another popular favourite as the raised cording pattern slightly projects a 3D effect.

Eyelet Lace: This is typical in bohemian wedding dresses as it offers the breathability necessary for a summer wedding on the beach.

Before making a final decision on what style of lace wedding dress you want to have, consider your wedding motif, budget range, the event’s location and weather and, most importantly, your comfort.

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