What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

Public Utilities Job

Public Utilities Job

The public utilities industry has its focus on the supplying and production of goods and services, which aids man’s day-to-day living. The goods and services manufactured by public utilities include telephone, gas, water, electricity, and other important services that help in the advancement of human life.

The industry is lucrative and sits at the pinnacle as one of the sought-after industries in the country. In the public utilities industry, there is job security, opportunities for career advancement, and offers numerous job options. Also, the workers in the industry are one of the highest-paid when compared to workers of the same level in other industries.

If you want to pursue a career in the public utilities industry, this article would be your perfect guide on what utility jobs pay.

What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

Working in the public utilities industry is very beneficial as the industry pays its workers well enough for their services. Most of the skilled workers in the industry earn above average. Are you seeking a career in public utilities and you want to know what the industry pays its workers? You made it to the right, below, I would list some of the jobs in public utilities and how much they pay.

Utility Engineer

A utility engineer is one of the well-paid professionals in the public utilities industry. The average salary of a utility engineer is $93,000 annually. With this salary, they sit at the top as one of the high earners in the public utilities industry.

To work as a utility engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or civil engineering to qualify. The job can be quite tasking and requires experienced personnel. So, it’s not surprising utility engineers are well-paid for their services in the industry.

The key function of a utility engineer is to assist public utilities that manufacture water, gasoline, and sewer services to groups. They ensure that public utilities are allocated to houses and corporations.

Power Systems Engineer

These professionals play a key role in the public utilities industry; hence, their role and contributions can never be underemphasized. As a way of encouraging them for their efforts, they sit high as one of the highest-paid in the industry. The average salary of a power systems engineer in the public utilities industry is $126,719 yearly.

The role of a power system engineer is to analyze, build, and sustain the possibility of communication works for a wind power firm. Power systems engineers are mostly found in energy companies.

Control Room Supporter

If you want to work as a control room supporter, you need a high school diploma or a certificate of the same level and relevance.

These professionals are highly paid for their services. The average salary of a control room supporter in public utilities is $150,000 yearly.

Final Thoughts

The public utilities industry is a hub of opportunities and its workers enjoy lots of perks over some industries. The industry pays its workers well, there are numerous jobs available, there is job security, and there are many opportunities for career advancement.