What can beginners read about World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

WoW, is one of the most difficult MMOs due to the large number of leveling, crafting and raiding mechanics that are interconnected.

The MMO will prompt you to choose the side of the conflict that you will represent. The Horde and the Alliance have been at war with each other for a long time, and you will not be able to remain neutral.

In order to thoroughly study all the mechanics, it is advisable to read reputable sites and refer to special services dedicated to WoW and other games.

What is worth studying in WoW:

  • Skycoach service
  • Wowhead with guide
  • WoW Fandom



Skycoach is a site that helps gamers figure out the complex mechanics of MMOs, get the right amount of gold and levels, and just have more fun with the game.

Buying gold

If you have gold, you can buy or exchange anything. Gold as a currency is needed to purchase legendary armor and weapons to increase the level of defense and attack.

You can order game gold in the required quantities from professional Skycoach players, with a guarantee of anonymity and observance of disguise when transferring purchased gold. This is done to remove the attention of the game administration to the deal.

Lvl up

To get to the most interesting content in WoW, you need to constantly progress in level and professional Skycoach players will help you with this. You must transfer the account and the service guarantees the preservation of all personal data and provides anonymity for the game character and account.

Learning to play

When you first created a character, you must understand its capabilities, skills and potential. A trainer, a professional Skycoach player, will help you with this, he will teach you how to understand the game meta and the timing of the use of skills in PVP and PVE




Wowhead is a large database of guides and recommendations for the world of Azeroth for players of all levels.

You can find a complete guide for your character with information about the features of the class, the main weapons and equipment, skills and methods of using them to increase the effectiveness of the character.

For example, the rogue class is maximized when using a combo of skills – you need to accumulate a series of blows with single attacks and issue a series of lethal and debilitating blows to destroy the target.

Do not forget about jewelry – it is needed not only to not die from one magic procast, but also to get additional attacking and defensive characteristics for your character.

Wowhead contains many guides for completing raids of varying difficulty.

A raid is a dungeon-style instanced zone where a boss lives. You must assemble a battle group, enter the dungeon and destroy all enemies in order to get unique equipment, weapons and experience for your character.

What Wovhead does – If you are entering a raid for the first time, many of the skills and mechanics will surprise you. The site will offer a full-fledged guide, collected from the trial and error of other players, who, as a result, selected the optimal group and ways to avoid the dangerous skills of the dungeon keeper.

The site will tell you the skills that you need to avoid and control in order not to receive heavy damage and negative effects that can fail the entire raid.

You will be able to read the recommendation for each stage of the boss fight, because in the last stage the dungeon chapter can become much more dangerous and deadly and use basic skills much more often.

WoW Wiki Fandom

WoW Wiki Fandom

WoW Wiki Fandom

Fandom is an encyclopedia in the online game world where each player can read information about their MMO RPG.

World of Warcraft has a huge variety of equipment that you need to understand and know where it is mined in order to be able to craft or knock out equipment of the best quality.

For example, if you are actively involved in leveling and earning gold with the help of professions, then you probably learned that new items of equipment have appeared in the Dragonflight update, which significantly increase the new parameter of the characteristics of craft professions.

Since the Dragonflight update, all professions have received new concepts of characteristics that affect the quality of production.

There is speed, quality, economy and luck. A character can create several types of equipment, or buy it from merchants to greatly increase their experience in crafting.

The quality of a thing can be of several types:

  • Normal – can be bought on the marketplace, often increases only one characteristic.
  • Rare – you can craft it yourself when developing the desired profession, or order through the order table from artisans, since such items become personal and cannot be transferred. Items of this quality have bonuses to characteristics and an increase in the level of profession skill.
  • Epic – items that will increase the general characteristics of the profession that affect the quality and economy of resources, increase the overall level of skills. Equipment can only be crafted by craftsmen with a high level of skill, with little chance. When ordering, try to choose a performer with a high level of skill – this does not guarantee overall success, but significantly increases the chance of achieving it.

Don’t worry about putting on equipment in time – the system will put on everything that can increase the level of crafting in the process of creating items.