What are the escape room games? Is it for kids?

escape room games

escape room games

Escape room games are the most amazing real-life adventure games you will ever find for your family and specifically for your kids. You can visit Tryreason.com which provides a brief guide about escape room games, as most people do not know about these special physical games.

What are the escape room games?

To be honest, these are some of the recent adventure games; the chances are that you may have heard about it. Especially if you live somewhere in America, the most famous and best escape room game is in Chicago called Chicago escape room .

So, the game concept is based on puzzles, you and your team members are supposed to solve various puzzles in a room, and then you can leave the room. This leaving is not an ordinary walk-out but the claim of victory.

What is the duration of the escape room game?

A standard escape room game will last for 60 minutes. It is the restriction of time that will make it an amazing puzzle game. You need to accomplish the mission within the given frame of time. Otherwise, you and your team will be disqualified. After 60 minutes, you and your team will be requested to leave the room.  

Who can play the escape room game? 

Anybody above eight years of age can play this game; the thing is playing in a team. You will not enjoy this game alone; to enjoy it to its fullest, you must gather people and convince them to be in your team.

For a family with your children, it is a win-win situation; not only the kids but the parents will also learn a lot of things through this game.

How to play the escape room game? 

Here are a few things you need to consider before you start playing the escape room game. 

  • The first thing to check is the theme of the room, each room at an escape room game center has its unique theme, and the room’s challenge will be relevant to the theme of the room.
  • Analyze the room and listen to the guides. They will help you find the clues hidden in the room. The guides will show you a video about the mission so that you must understand what the point in the game is.
  • Select the people who you want to join your team. 
  • There are cameras and microphones in the room, and you will ask the team of guides if you feel stuck. 
  • This game can also be played through virtual platforms like  Sydney Virtual Reality .

Who is the winner? 

The winner in the escape room game is the team that will finish the expedition in the minimum time. You can ask the managers to compare each team’s times and set a bet for the winning team.

There are several points where you can go with your friends to play escape room games. There are no age limits for this game; you can add any person in your team. No gender or age limits; this is the beauty of this game. People can enjoy this family fun game any day and anytime if the centers are open.