What Are Moissanite Rings? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Ring – Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

You probably have heard about diamond rings. Well, there are many more types in the market today. Many more people are going for moissanite rings because they are affordable and of good quality.  Henri Moissan discovered this precious stone in 1893, which is now among the top stones used in jewelry making. Therefore, it is worth investing in a moissanite ring.

Following further research, scientists discovered that moissanite is silicon carbide. This opened up possibilities for growing this stone in the laboratories. As a result, we have sustainable sourcing and supply of moissanite for making rings and other jewelry pieces. Therefore, most of the moissanite you will find in the market is synthetic. However, it exhibits superior diamond-like properties.

Why choose moissanite for your rings? 

Not many people can tell the difference between diamond and moissanite rings. That tells you that moissanite is a great quality stone if it can match diamond on various fronts. Here is everything you need to know about moissanite and why it is exciting to have moissanite rings:

  • Value and Price

Diamond is probably the standard for jewelry stones in the industry. Therefore, you can use it to tell whether a new entrant in the market is good or not. The fact that they compare moissanite to this precious stone tells that moissanite is worth the comparison.

Moissanite is not as scarce as diamond because we can make it in the lab. However, natural moissanite and diamond are scarce and hence costly to acquire. On the contrary, lab-grown moissanite is affordable despite providing almost the same value as a diamond.

  • Hardness and Durability

Moissanite rings are hard to scratch. In addition, they are resistant to heat and chemicals. For that reason, they are easy to maintain. This is due to high strength as recorded in the Mohs scale of hardness with a score of 9.25. This value is close to that of a diamond’s score of 10.

There is nothing good as having a ring that is not prone to scratching and abrasion. Therefore, a moissanite ring will give you value for money. You can afford to wear it all day long without the fear that it will undergo any damage.

  • Fire and brilliance

If you are looking for rings with a sparkle, consider moissanite. This stone has a higher refractive index than that of a diamond. Therefore, it shines better, which is a great quality for any jewelry piece. For that reason, many people choose moissanite rings for their sparkle.

With faceted patterns on their surface, shape and smooth cut, moissanite rings rank higher than most options you will find in the market. This moissanite quality will not fade away even when subjected to adverse weather conditions.

  • Varying shapes and sizes

You can come up with different designs and styles of moissanite rings due to their varying sizes and shapes. This is unlike other stones like diamonds, which are not easy to cut. Therefore, working with moissanite will give you more beautiful and elegant ring designs.

Whether you like it simple or complex, moissanite will guarantee you the design and style you want. In that case, you have options to choose for your preferred type of ring.

  • The Four C’s of Moissanite Rings

The four C’s of diamond also apply to moissanite. These are cut, carat, color and clarity. Cut has everything to do with the stone’s quality, especially the sparkle. With moissanite, it is possible to have a smooth cut that gives it a better ring sparkle than that of a diamond.

Carat weight is mainly used with diamonds. Whereas we measure moissanite in millimeters, a diamond of the same size as moissanite is heavier. Therefore, moissanite rings are much lighter than diamond versions.

In addition, moissanite comes in various color shades: colorless, near-colorless and faint yellow. Therefore, you can have variety with moissanite rings based on color. The clarity quality has to do with imperfections. Therefore, there are different grades of moissanite attracting different values and price.

Moissanite rings are a great alternative to diamond versions. They will give you value at affordable prices. Therefore, you would do great if you studied its fascinating properties before buying your set of rings. You will get diamond-like qualities without breaking the bank.