Wedding Rings: A Complete Guide

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

From the ceremony to the cake to the dress, decision fatigue is real when planning a wedding. It is easy to overlook the wedding rings among all the details to arrange, especially when there are many to-dos. Many prioritize planning the more “urgent” aspects of the wedding day like the venue and entertainment booked well in advance. 

Likewise, many couples underestimate the effort and thought that goes into finding their ideal set of wedding rings. After all, if he found the perfect engagement ring, shouldn’t finding the perfect wedding ring be easy? It doesn’t always work that way, though. Chances are you will be looking for two perfect rings in this case, rather than just one.

Our goal is to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions around wedding rings, as well as how to make the perfect choice for both bride and groom. Whether you choose a classic matching set for him and her or a custom wedding ring stack, we have all the information you need to get it perfect.

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

While traditions may vary, the symbolism of a wedding ring remains consistent worldwide, regardless of the culture. This sacred band marks unconditional, eternal, and faithful love. The bride and groom agree to wear this symbol of love for the rest of their lives.

The wedding ring’s circular shape is a very tangible symbol of eternal love between two humans. The significance of having no beginning and no end symbolizes two people’s lasting relationship.

Couples will traditionally exchange rings during the ceremony, which emphasizes the significance of the wedding ring. As a result of this meaningful exchange, it is evident that your commitment to each other is unwavering.

As long as the wedding ring is worn after the wedding, its significance continues to develop. You may symbolize your commitment and affection for your partner by continuing to wear the wedding band every day after the ceremony.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings?

Unlike many other aspects of wedding planning, the task of buying wedding rings doesn’t have a set deadline. However, it would be best not to put it off until the last minute. To perfect the details, from figuring out what style suits you to finding the right size, you will need to allow plenty of time.

Once you’ve selected your ideal ring and had it sized perfectly, you should still give yourself extra time in case you want to make any minor adjustments. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your rings the day before your wedding and finding out that a name has been misspelled on the engraving. And there’s certainly nothing more frustrating than finding out on the day that the ring won’t fit!

It’s okay to select wedding rings at any stage of your wedding planning timeline. If you do it early rather than late, you’ll have more time to work on the more challenging aspects of planning the wedding. Having more styles to choose from also means that you can spend more time deciding what you like! In the end, this is a ring that you will wear for the rest of your life, so the quality has to be perfect.

Which Finger Do You Wear Wedding Rings On?

A wedding band is traditionally worn on the third finger from the thumb, often referred to as the “ring finger” because this is where the engagement ring is usually placed. Many people (including those in the UK and US) wear their ring on their left hand. However, it varies in other cultures and countries.

Wedding Rings: How Should You Wear Yours?

Where should you wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring? Do you stack the pair together? Do you wear an eternity ring along with your wedding ring? 

The most traditional way to wear your wedding ring is on your left hand with your engagement ring in a stack. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you how you would like to wear this iconic symbol of your everlasting love.