5 Ways You Can Benefit From DNA Testing

DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Growing up watching movies like the X-men series or the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, we were always fascinated by how DNA can mutate and create extraordinary characteristics in living species. Kids and even adults wanted to have a look at their DNA to find out if they had any such hidden mutation. DNA testing through CRISPR and other technologies seemed like a fantasy.

With advancements in biomedical engineering and technology, this fascination can now become a reality. Ever since the home dna test kit became available to the general public, learning about one’s DNA has become accessible. While you may not be an undiscovered X-man but there is a lot more you can learn from running your sample through dna testing kits.

Five ways you can benefit from DNA testing at home are discussed below.

  1. Informs About Ancestry

Knowing your ancestors is very crucial to forming a sense of belongingness. DNA testing kits can help you find your origin. It can help you answer several questions, like

  • Where you originally came from,
  • who were your ancestors,
  • what were their physical characters,
  • if they had any health issues.

Knowing ancestry is not only for the sake of fun but it can help you find any lost living relatives. It can help you construct a family tree. Some people want to know if they are related to any famous personality, or if you have blue eyes but none of your parents or grandparents have blue eyes. DNA testing can help you find out which one of your forefathers had blue eyes which have been passed into you.

  1. Reveals Allergies

DNA testing can help you find out if you are allergic to a specific food, or a cat, or any kind of chemical. You don’t need to be exposed to a particular allergen that may trigger your immune system. Therefore, you do not know about it yet. With DNA testing, you can find more about your body and immune system.

This can help you avoid such allergens that can prove to be fatal.

  1. Reveals Medical Conditions

Having a family history of hereditary diseases is very stressful. You never know if you are going to be the one too or not. Our DNA contains all the information in the form of a map. With DNA testing, we can find out if we are exposed to certain diseases or not.

Parkinson’s, Diabetes mellitus Type 1, cancer, etc can run in families. Knowing this kind of information can help you make better life choices. You can start a more physically active life, or invest in healthy eating habits.

  1. Helps In Family Planning

Knowing the family history of your partner and yourself can help you in future family planning. If there is any kind of DNA mutation in your partner’s or your family, it can be translated into your baby. Every parent wants to have a healthy baby. If you are informed about any potential mutation, you can take precautions.

DNA testing can save you from a lot of trouble. It may not be necessary that the mutation is going to happen, but you can avoid potential risks.

  1. Help In Medical Research

Lastly, DNA testing can be helpful for society as a whole. While it may feel invasive for a few people that their data is being used in the research, some companies can provide you with the option of full secrecy and privacy.

Otherwise, if you allow your data to be used for research purposes, society may benefit as scientists may discover potential health risks and mutations, and develop a cure in advance.