3 Ways To Strengthen Your Development Team    

Strengthen Your Development Team    

Strengthen Your Development Team    

New investors on board who validate your idea or, at least, financing is no longer a problem. maybe an influx of customers. Your development work has found a good echo among your customers, and your company will have to face a large volume of work. How would you do it? You would certainly need additional resources.

However, it’s not just about having a few more developers to help you manage your load. There are so many new technologies evolving that you have to hire the required skills. Let’s say that in the future, you will need skills based on React Native. In this case, you must start with the hiring process, which could extend the duration of the project. It is therefore crucial that you have a dedicated software team with expanded skills from the outset.

Successful models to strengthen your team

In this article, we covered three distinct ways to strengthen a dedicated developer team, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Hire Freelance Developers

An interesting fact emerged when Website Builder conducted its investigation: nearly a third of American developers held a freelance job at some point in their career.

In addition, 57 million Americans work freelance, compared to 53 million in the last five years. At this rate and to work with the greatest flexibility, the number of freelance developers is expected to skyrocket.

As a result, it becomes easy to hire freelance developers. This way, you would only have to pay for the projects in which you involve them and you will get rid of overhead costs related to space and the system.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelance developer

  • Quick access to skills that are not available in your company
  • Low complexity and low risk in the contract
  • The time spent on training can be reduced

Disadvantages of hiring a freelance developer

  • Strong threat of data leakage
  • Risk of low motivation and dedicationHigh risk of abandoning the project

Outsource developers through an Offshore development company

When you outsource development services, it means that you are going to an offshore software development company that offers you the opportunity to hire a dedicated team of developers.

The company to which you subcontract the required skills is known as a subcontractor company. This company is responsible for the completion of the project on time. All you need to do is provide the provider with the demanded requirements.

Advantages of outsourcing a team of developers

  • Possibility to guarantee high-quality software development
  • Focus on management and supervision
  • Low cost of talent acquisition and management
  • You get the best talent since the developers are already well trained by the subcontractor development company

Disadvantages of outsourcing a team of developers

  • Complexity of management due to location constraint

Recruit developers internally

Internal recruitment of developers is a very traditional yet logical model for integrating the required skills.

When you need a massive expansion of your development team, internal recruitment can be a good solution.

You can train your employees and have full control over their activity. When you want to develop a web or mobile application, for example, with node js, you already know the skills of your developers, which allows you to affect them easily and quickly.

Advantages of hiring a development team internally

  • Better administration and personnel managementImproved communication and collaboration
  • Evolutions, quality and integration can be managed smoothly

Disadvantages of hiring a software development team internally

  • Long hiring process
  • High cost of talent acquisition and retention
  • Difficulty in breaking internal contracts
  • Cost of training

The final word

A good software development team can literally get rid of all your problems and work professionally to carry out a project with maximum precision and quality.

However, to do this, you must first choose the method that suits you best. Do you want inspiration? Most companies now recommend using specialized offshore software developers, because of the high productivity that this model achieves. After all, who wants to sit at the end of the day and train and micromanage their resources when you can do the work with a minimum of intervention?