Ways to Promote Brands and Businesses Using Custom Patches

Are you looking for ways to promote your brand or business? Custom patches are the easiest way of promoting your business by adding branded labels on fabrics. As an entrepreneur, using patch designs, you receive an excellent branding strategy. Custom patches are one of the easiest ways to brand and business promotion. The best thing is that you can easily make custom patches at home. 

Using patches has several benefits. You acquire uniqueness, which is a vital business tool. In most cases, you cannot find two identical patches. Therefore, you can make your design stand out from other designers. When creating custom patches, hire a decorator to help you select the best size and patterns.

Organizations with specific dress codes use custom patches as protection for particular brands. Organizations have custom patches on the uniform to create a huge difference. Customers love professionalism, where it is easy to spot employees. 

Custom patches are cost–effective. Using custom patches is an easy way of promoting your business and brands without spending too much money on marketing. It makes brand awareness simple and affordable.

Types of custom patches

Brands and businesses use many types of custom patches to promote their business. Here are some of the main types of custom patches used.

Custom Velcro patches

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Brands and businesses can use Velcro custom patches to promote their business, as they are the most accessible type of patches to apply. As a brand or a business, you can add custom Velcro patches on caps, bags, t-shirts or any fabric. Using custom Velcro patches are easy to add and remove. Therefore, when you want to upgrade the custom patches from your branded t-shirts, you can drag and add what you want.

Businesses that offer branded items like caps and t-shirts can use custom Velcro to create brand awareness to a broader range of audience.

Custom airsoft patches

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When applying custom airsoft patches, you should consider the size, shape, and colours you will use. It is also essential to choose where the custom airsoft patch is placed. Airsoft shows teamwork and unity; thus, it is crucial to understand its true purpose when creating custom patches.

For instance, if you have a business or brand, you can have some branded uniform with custom patches representing the brand /business name. It will help in promoting your name to other people. When designing custom airsoft patches for your brand or business, ensure that you should be aware of who the uniform is made for. For instance, to distinguish the team leaders from the team, use different shapes of custom patches.

Make custom patches by yourself

With DIY, you can also make custom patches. Homemade custom patches are cost-effective and take less time to complete. Therefore, the brand or business will spend less money designing custom patches. Further, you select the design you want depending on your taste and preferences. Making custom-made patches is an excellent way of promoting your brand/business, especially for start-ups.

The best thing about homemade is that you can incorporate several designs. Therefore, to fit the taste and preferences of your customers. You can view tutorials online through YouTube or other platforms to learn more about DIY-ing custom patches.

Custom iron-on patches

Custom iron patches are the easiest way to apply patches. Therefore, custom iron-on patches are the best options if you need fabrics to promote your brand/business the fastest way possible. To acquire the iron-on patches design, you require two pieces of cloth, a pattern, and two parts of the paper-fusible web. When applying the iron-on patches, select a way and mark it with a transfer method that will align with the fabric design. After that, stitch the design and leave some space on the edges.

Custom iron-on patches are the best when you are not interested in sewing the patches on the fabric. However, to apply the custom iron-on patches, you should be great at ironing. Select the best base material that suits your look and design.

Name patches

Name patches are the best ways to promote your business or brand. In most cases, the name patches do not include any decoration; only the name or logo is available. The name patches are primarily used in organizations to make staff uniforms or schools.

The custom name patches can have different shapes, colours, or shapes. Most types of patches can fall under the name patches categories. Name patches are great when it comes to distinguishing other brands and businesses. Further, custom patches are unique for every business; thus, you can acquire a competitive advantage by designing irregular custom patches.

PVC patches

PVC patches are among the essential types of patches. The PVC patches are lightweight and waterproof, made from durable rubber. PVC custom patches allow you to explore options like hollow logos, bright patches, and indented patches. The PVC patches are unique since you can make 2D OR 3D designs on your fabric. The PVC custom patches are great unique gifts for special friends. 

PVC is an excellent way of promoting your business by adding LED, 2D or 3D designs to stand out from others.

Embroidered patches

The embroidered patches are the most common and traditional custom patches. They are mainly made of cotton, polyester, genuine leather, twill, and other materials. Embroidered patches are made with thicker threads for uniqueness and durability.

When creating a logo with embroidered patches, they are mostly more colourful—the best choice for a business looking for a shining brand for visibility and attention.


Custom patches are the best way to add uniqueness and design to your fabric, such as caps, denim, bag packs, and jackets. The best thing about custom patches is that you can apply them without hiring designers. To promote your brand or business, invest in a professional designer.

Custom patches are cost-effective ways used by brands to create awareness. The patches are among the best marketing strategies used by businesses. Custom patch designs cannot be used by more than one business; thus, you can stay ahead of the competition with the best custom patches.

Most organizations have embraced custom patches to maintain professionalism and great work ethics. Most customers commend organizations with branded custom patches, as it is easy to notice employees. 

You can acquire custom patches from old fabrics, design them or buy them from stores online. To obtain the best designs and application methods, do some online research. Did you enjoy reading the article? Please leave a comment and share your opinion with us.