Valuable Tips to Reach Your COMPTIA A+ Target Score. In-demand Books and Test Prep Courses to Try



Graduate school is a competitive field to get into. You must rise among the top to surely make this dream true. First, you can try to do your best to obtain a passing rate in the COMPTIA A+ exam to secure your slot in the desired program. These scores will actually determine your fate increasing your chances to be admitted as they are a great addition to your GPA and other application requirements.

The A+ Practice Test is a four-part assessment that validates your skills in analytical writing, integrative reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. It serves as one important criterion for business schools in selecting qualified graduate applicants. Thus, its difficulty level is quite high, so you need to prepare well to be confident you know everything needed. Below, you’ll find out more about the best prep resources available and important areas to pay attention to during studies.

Investing in Prep Books and Courses

Your success on COMPTIA A+ is a product of both your effort and intelligence. Of course, intelligence may take you to a step higher, but your effort and hard work will move you even further. So, to master each core section of this exam, you have to get the most reliable and updated training materials and read, review, and practice with all the dedication.

The best test prep courses you may avail of are those from There, you can get a ready-made 8-week study plan, verified practice tests that can be taken in a simulated COMPTIA A+ environment, and a handbook. Also, there are specific resources for each module of the test.

Equally helpful books include The Official Guide for COMPTIA A+ Review prepared by GMAC, COMPTIA A+ Strategy Guides, and Advanced Quant by Manhattan Prep. These materials will help build you a strong foundation on the concepts of the exam syllabus.

3 Strategies to Follow to Prepare Better

As you might already know, having all the best exam resources in you serves zero benefits if you don’t discipline yourself to stick to your plan and painstakingly study for your COMPTIA A+ using tested strategies. To help you with this, here are some tips to effectively prepare for each of the outlined areas.

  • Develop your analytical and problem-solving abilities

Strengthen your foundation on certain topics in the quantitative section particularly in algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. Practice your problem-solving skills as well by continually answering sample questions. As for the integrated reasoning section, hone your ability in synthesizing information and drawing conclusions out of various given data such as from graphical, numerical, or verbal sources.

  • Improve your critical reasoning skills

Early in this stage, you must already think of the real-world scenario. Place yourself in the question to be able to answer efficiently and practically. Check if there is sufficient information for you to conclude something. Be logical and imagine yourself if such an approach would mean success in the real-world business or management. For the verbal section, you need to constantly practice reading passages to develop your comprehension and evaluation of written texts.

  • Practice your essay writing skills

In COMPTIA A+, your opinion or stand in a certain subject is not the main area of interest. Your ability to analyze objectively trumps your argumentative skills. Practice reasoning out on certain arguments related to business based on the information presented and train to communicate your thoughts coherently and concisely.


In the end, all you need to do to achieve a passing mark on COMPTIA A+ is to follow the most reliable test prep courses and spare no effort to understand every concept required. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the test structure, directions of each section, and usual exercises included in the exam before the actual test day. With such a plan, you’re highly likely to succeed!