Understanding Different Haircut Numbers for Men

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Haircut Number 0

Having a full head of glossy locks is portrayed to be the pinnacle of beauty. But did you know that about half of all people experience some type of receding hair by age 50, knowing you’re not alone can be reassuring. When getting a haircut, knowing the size of hair you want to be left on your head is very important. Deciding on the haircut numbers helps the barber decide on the blade number to use for that particular style. The blades could not show much difference in size when looking at them but the hair sizes they give have distinctive differences.

The different haircuts like a buzz, a fade, or a clean require one to use different numbers of blades on the clipper. The following are different haircut numbers that result from the use of different blade sizes.

This is the shortest haircut of all. Some prefer to call it the clean shave. It is a buzz that shaves all the hair on your head leaving it at the root. For this haircut, no blade is fixed on the clippers and it is done using the original clipper blade. This cut usually gives you a bald look.

Haircut Number 1

The hair size left for this haircut is usually barely longer than that of the haircut number 0. The hair left on the head is usually around 1/8 of an inch. In this style, the blade number 1 is usually attached to the clippers and the final look usually leaves your scalp disclosed.

Haircut Number 2

This is the type of haircut whose blade which is number 2, is used to make fades on the sides of the head. The hair left on your head is about ¼ inch but is usually long enough to conceal your scalp. The blade used in this haircut is the same one used when making a buzz haircut.

Haircut Number 3

This is the most common haircut size and therefore most referred of all haircut numbers. The blade size number 3 is the one used to make this haircut. This haircut leaves a standard size of hair on your head. In the number 3 haircut, the scalp does not show at all and it is very easy to maintain. This haircut can be done for both thick and thin hair textures as the density of the hair is retained all through.

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Haircut Number 4

In haircut number 4, about ½ an inch is the length of hair left on your head. This haircut is not usually characterized as a buzz as the hair is a bit longer. The blade number 4 is the one used to make a perfect number 4 haircut.

Haircut Number 5

This haircut leaves hair whose length is about 5/8 of an inch. The size of hair left is usually long enough such that it can be brushed or combed. The size of the blade that is used for this haircut is the number 5.

Haircut Number 6

This is the type of haircut that leaves your hair at the length of about ¾ of an inch. The blade number 5 or six can be used to make a perfect number 6 haircut. This haircut is not recognized as a buzz as the hair can be combed without strain.

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Haircut Number 7

This haircut is commonly known as a crew cut. Actually, the clippers are used to trim the top part of your hair. Actually, you can attain the number 7 haircut by using a pair of scissors to trim your hair at the top. Always ensure that you use smaller blade haircut numbers to make a fade or buzz on the sides of the head.

Blade number 7 is the one that is usually attached to the clipper when making this haircut. The length of hair left on the head is usually about 7/8 of an inch.

Haircut Number 8

This haircut uses the largest size of the blade and among all the haircut numbers, it is the highest number. This is because the haircut is usually an inch long. The blade is usually used to trim the top of your hair. Smaller blades are usually used to make a fade on the sides of the head. The blade used for this hairstyle is usually blade number 8.