Types of Academic Writing You Have to Know

Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Scholars express their ideas and findings in different approaches. Did you know their styles can be categorized into four distinct categories? Read this review to familiarize yourself with the major types of academic writing.

4 Different Types of Academic Writing

If you are wondering, ” How is academic writing different from other types of writing?” this section will answer your question and help you understand the unique aspects of academic papers.

Analytical writing

Analytical writing is a descriptive approach that needs a writer to structure information into groups, classes, divisions, forms, or relationships. An analytical task incorporates instructions such as evaluate, compare, contrast, correlate, and examine. This form of academic writing needs extensive research, which makes it a bit complicated.

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is interconnected with an analytical paper since it contains all the characteristics of analytical writing. It requires a writer to identify a point and prove to other scholars that their opinion is reasonable. However, it needs extensive research to avoid misleading arguments. Most persuasive papers have a convincing element.

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing is the simplest form of academic writing since it does not require a writer to apply feelings or go extremely deep into a study. It involves integrating facts and evidence in a discussion. A perfect example of descriptive writing is a summary or a report of an experiment’s outcomes. A purely descriptive task will include instructions such as, “identify”, “report”, “record”, “summarize”, and “define”.

Critical writing

Critical writing contains all the characteristics of persuasive writing plus at least one other opinion. While persuasive writing needs students to have their perspectives on a subject or theme, critical writing requires them to reflect on at least two ideas, including their views. For instance, learners may give details about a researcher’s argument, assess the claim’s value, and provide alternative explanations. Examples of critical writing assignments include critiques and literature reviews.

8 Types of Papers in Academic Writing


Essay writing features elements of critical thinking. It requires the expression of ideas with conviction from a writer’s voice. In this type of paper, you should frame your ideas logically; otherwise, the message might not come out clearly.

Summary and reaction papers

A summary or reaction paper involves analyzing a text and providing a brief overview of what you have learned. It enables teachers to gauge their students’ understanding of a particular subject. Summaries require you to present another person’s ideas. Therefore, instructors often combine them with reaction assignments to analyze learners’ opinions. These types of writing entail stating an author’s argument, presenting their supporting evidence, your response to their ideas, and personal opinions. In most cases, an instructor will expect you to give a reaction in agreement or disagreement with the author.


Journal- writing is one of the easiest types of academic work. It requires you to think about a learning process or idea and give your thoughts. In most cases, an instructor is only interested in gauging your understanding of a particular issue. Most students like this type of paper since it doesn’t require error-free writing. Besides, it doesn’t necessarily need a completely developed and polished submission, as long as you express your opinions clearly. However, some learners dislike journal assignments, especially open-ended questions, because it is challenging to know the right way to approach them.

If you are having challenges getting started, listen to your inner voice and keep writing and refocusing on what you hear. Always avoid the temptation to look back at what you have written, and the ideas will flow. In the case of complex tasks, you can seek professional guidance from experts who specialize in handling different types of academic writing assignments.

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Book review

A book review is a straightforward paper that requires critical thinking skills. It involves three basic steps; reading and summarizing a book, interpreting the author’s argument, and concluding the assignment by analyzing the significance of the main ideas for a specific audience. The summary should always capture the book’s features. Besides, you should be neutral and focus on one aspect at a time.

Synthesis paper

A synthesis paper is similar to a summary. However, it is often used to replace examinations or periodic assessments. The assignment requires you to synthesize readings and frame ideas around a central issue, thus portraying your understanding of the same.

Literature review

A literature review is a comprehensive report that documents findings from existing publications. It synthesizes conference papers, books, dissertations, government reports, and scholarly articles. A good review should analyze different studies, present collective knowledge, and identify gaps researchers need to explore.

Research paper

A research paper ordinarily entails writing an essay. However, it requires extensive reading to expand the content. It involves a writer’s interest in a particular subject, initial thinking, planning, drafting the research questions, and finally, the actual research process. This kind of assignment is not popular because it is time-consuming and needs up-to-date information. Common types of research papers include:

  1. Experimental research paper. An experimental research paper aims to outline an experimental process for a specific subject or process.
  2. Definitive paper. The main objective of a definitive task is to present a writer’s definition and explanation of a particular subject matter.
  3. An interpretative research paper identifies a writer’s interpretation or view of a specific issue.
  4. Cause and effect paper. This is the most common type of research paper in academia, especially at the lower academic level. It analyzes the causes and impacts of a particular issue or event.

Case study

A case study is a type of research paper that evaluates an individual, event, place, and different subjects to identify a key theme and results to recognize hidden issues, understand a particular concept, and predict future trends.


As you can see, there are a lot of types of academic writing you should know. Writing academic papers should be interesting for every student since it is part and parcel of school life. It helps learners to acquire a wide range of knowledge and become experts in their areas of interest. However, most students do not give their best due to a lack of skills, confidence, time, and understanding of how to approach different types of academic papers. Hopefully, this review will give you tips for handling assignments correctly.