Top three car problems you can fix quickly by yourself



We all have a common dream to be the owner of a home and a car. Everyone works hard for only fulfilling their dreams. It’s also crucial for spending a happy life with family and relatives. As your home gives you that kind of comfort and relaxation, a car can make any road journey enjoyable. Wherever you go with your family to the cinema hall or for a long drive, your vehicle makes it complete. But the moment will not be perfect if your car shows any problem in your driving time. That’s why track tech is here for you to provide the best head studs and fasteners. Check their link for more detail. Now let’s know how you can fix some problems by yourself.

  1. Replace air filters of your car engine:

When you notice that you should change the engine’s air filter, did you do it before? Most probably, you’ve thought about a car repairing shop that will change your car’s air filter. But it’s time to change the idea from your head because you can do the easy task anytime and yes, by yourself!

You only have to unscrew the airbox retainers and remove the previous air filter of your car engine. Take a new filter but make sure you’ve bought it already. And place the new air filter in the actual position. Secure the air-filters with screws or head studs and cover your engine as same as before it was. So, you can see, it is the most manageable problem to fix for any car owner!

  1. Change the cabin air filter:

You can’t drive your car with its best performance if you have a clogged cabin air filter. A dusty cabin air filter is the leading cause of damaging the car’s blower motor. Even your AC can hardly run longer in the summer season for this. But no more tension, you can change it also. If you replace it by yourself, you can save at least thirty US dollars!

Just bring a new cabin air filter to replace the car part. You will get it at any auto-parts store. The cabin air filter is mainly behind the glove box of the air ducts. You only have to remove it by sliding out. Note the direction of the airflow and install the new air filter in the actual orientation. Cover the part after reinstalling, and your work has finished!

  1. Replace the broken antenna:

You can easily change a fender mount antenna if you find that it is not working well or broken. Then it’s high time to change. And yes, this one is also an effortless task for you. Before doing that, buy a replacing mast from the auto-parts store.

You only have to unscrew the portion of its mast. Disconnect your antenna cable from the radio. Connect a heavy string at the end of this part. Remove screws and pull the older antenna. Now attach the new antenna cable and pull back into your car. Again connect it to your radio. Your work is complete.


Car is an involved vehicle that needs so much care and repair. After buying a car, you’ll face many problems and issues to fix. Otherwise, your vehicle will get damaged and can cause any severe accident. Again, going to a car repairing shop for every reason is truly tough. It will also cost you money. Sometimes you’ll feel that you’re spending more money on improving than buying the car. So it will be best if you can fix some common problems at home and by yourself. You don’t have to move your vehicle anywhere. I hope the three issues which occur regularly are now easily repairable for you. Follow the instructions and save your money and time.