Top Suggestions to Make Your Research Paper Impeccable

Key Considerations About Writing an Effective Research Paper Assignment

Key Considerations About Writing an Effective Research Paper Assignment

Key Considerations About Writing an Effective Research Paper Assignment

A research paper is a way to communicate what you have learned about a topic. It can be similar to an essay, but with more information and evidence. You have to conduct in-depth research and find useful material to include. Furthermore, citations and references add value and trustworthiness to your work.

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The biggest part of a research paper is the body. It has four main parts: 

1) An introduction to your topic

2) Evidence from experts on your topic

3) Information about your topic from a reliable source

4) A conclusion of everything you have learned about your topic.

Make sure all of these parts are relevant to your topic.

The Introduction

The introduction sets the tone for your research paper and introduces what you will be writing about. It should let people know what you will be writing about and why it is important to them. Make sure your purpose statement shows your main idea. Nothing should remain under the covers. Try to be open so that readers can feel engaged in your write-up.

Expert Opinions

Expert opinions might include the views of scientists, researchers, or people who have studied your topic. Make sure you use credible sources, especially if the expert opinions are not from people you know personally.

Experts might include scientists that have published research on your topic or someone who has studied your topic extensively.

Reliable Sources

Here you are not allowed to beat about the bush. Talk relevant and cite sources that you use as evidence.

Information about your topic should be based on research and evidence rather than opinion. You can use facts and statistics to show the audience what you have learned about your topic. Try to avoid using opinion, like saying something is “the best” or “the worst.”


Your conclusion should sum up everything you wrote and how it makes you feel. You might also include if there are any unanswered questions or things that surprised you about your topic. However, try not to kick off a new story in this section of your task.

Things to Consider While Writing a Research Paper Assignment

Writing a research paper can be intimidating. The goal is to provide an overview of the important things that students should keep in mind while writing their papers. For those who find themselves struggling, don’t panic; there are many academic support services on campus to help you out.

There are some important things that you need to consider while writing a research paper. You are likely to be on the wrong side if you skip taking care of these crucial points.

  1. Write as if you were talking to someone (more casual language). Use “you” and “your.”

Don’t make up fake words or use strange jargon. If you do, your reader will question what you’re saying and how it relates back to the topic at hand.

It would be like walking into a group conversation and using phrases no one else knows the meaning of. You will immediately be identified as an outsider.

  1. If you’re writing about movies, don’t just tell the plot and review your favorite scenes. A reader wants to know how a movie relates to the topic you’re discussing and what it says about society at large. Here you do not have to take care of the SEO techniques since it’s academic work that has nothing to do with online rankings.
  2. Don’t start with a long introduction paragraph that gives away all of your main points in one swoop. Readers want to discover what’s going on in your paper, not have it handed to them at the beginning of the work or when they make it deep into your essay before coming across anything new or interesting.

Write an intro sentence or two which summarizes what you’ll be talking about and then get right into your thesis statement where you state what you’re arguing or what your main idea is.

  1. Don’t write a research paper if you don’t have to. Only do so if your assignment specifically requires it. If it does, take the time to explain why your topic relates to the course material and how it’s important for students taking that class in particular.

The people marking your assignments are looking for a research paper that will help them understand how well you can synthesize material from multiple sources into one cohesive argument rather than simply present facts back at them without any context.

  1. Manage your time well. Allow yourself enough hours every day to work on your project and make sure there are no distractions during the time (texts, internet browsing) that you thought you’d use to work on your paper.
  2. Make sure to speak with the professor who gave you the assignment if you’re struggling, not just with writing but also if something is preventing you from getting work done. You might be able to turn in a rough draft for a grade or ask for an extension so that your final product can be stronger than it would have been otherwise.
  3. If your instructor says they want 12-15 pages of double-spaced text, don’t write their request off as excessive and do what they asked anyway. Writing shorter than what’s requested won’t get them to read more of your work; it’ll only result in less words per page which will make it harder to read.
  4. The more sources you rely on (websites, books, magazines), the better off your paper will be. Quality is more important than quantity. Know what you want to write about before using an internet search engine and taking down all of the first hit results that come up.
  5. If not already suggested, use MLA formatting for in-text citations and endnotes/footnotes. Learn how to use citations if unsure of the correct way to do so. If you’re writing a research paper with Harvard or APA format requirements, refer to those guidelines instead as they work differently from MLA style.