Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Living In A Metal Building

Metal Building

Metal Building

Tradition houses are made with stone or wood. This practice is still commonly used today and makes a good-quality home. However, metal buildings have been commonplace in industry for many years and are just starting to cross over into residential builds.

You may not have considered a metal building before, but there are several good reasons why you should make your next home a metal building.


Metal is significantly stronger than wood and even stone. The entire frame of a house can be made from sturdy structural beams that can withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather systems. This means the house is more likely to be standing after an extreme weather event.

Considering these are becoming more common, this is a valuable consideration when building.

Design Options

Because metal is so strong you will find there are more design options available than with a traditional home. Put simply, the metal beam allows you to create larger spaces without additional supports. This fits with the tendency for Australians to have open-plan houses.

Metal framework can be used to create large open spaces and even ensure you have a wall of windows to allow light in if you wish.

Environmentally Friendly

It may surprise you to learn but metal is also environmentally friendly. Most metal beams are made from recycled metal. The original metal is simply melted down and then reformed into new pieces, such as metal beams.

The only resource used in the process is the energy required to create the heat which melts the metal. This makes metal beams and even metal sheets better for the environment than most other construction methods.

Ease of Construction

Another important consideration is how easy it is to create a metal building. The designs are drawn up in the same way as any other property. But, the metal beams and other pieces are then created in a factory. This means the quality of the items can be easily controlled.

The beams are then shipped to the site and can be quickly bolted together. You need very few people on site, although a crane is essential!

Although the cost of metal beams can be higher than the cost of purchasing wood or stone, the actual construction process is considerably cheaper and faster. That makes it an attractive option.

Pest Control

Pests, particularly termites, costs billions of dollars worth of damage every year. They are attracted to the wood in your home and will happily eat their way through it. However, termites have no interest in metal and even rodents can’t gnaw their way through the metal. In other words, you are much less likely to have a pest issue.


Surprisingly, metal buildings need very little maintenance. The metal is coated to protect it against the elements. If the metal is damaged you’ll want to apply an additional coating. But, other than that, a regular clean is all the building needs to stay like new! That gives you more time to do other things.