Top Four Outstanding Online Art School Options

Online Art School

Online Art School

Through art, we learn creativity, connection, processing our experiences, and interacting with the world around us. Moreover, art gives us a voice beyond words. Learning of any kind was traditionally confined to classrooms. Now, students of all ages and levels of experience can participate in online art classes from the comfort of their own homes.

Online art classes are flexible, affordable, and allow students a more comfortable environment. They are the ultimate balance between convenience and flexibility. Perhaps the most significant perk of online art classes is that you can study at your own pace. Here are four of the best top online art school options to begin your artistic journey or that of your child;

Cartooning Class

 Cartoons take us to a different world-a world where everything is possible. To become a cartoonist, you have to learn to perceive the contemporary world uniquely. Online cartoon classes typically involve animation and illustration. What greater way to be introduced to the wonderful world of cartoons than with the flexibility afforded with online courses?

Students must first learn different tools to create cartoons, such as different types of pencils and inks, in this online class. Usually, students in online art classes are taught about the tools & methods used in cartooning, how to tell stories through images, cartoon layouts, cartoon scene illustration, and creating characters.

Introductory cartooning classes encourage students to use typical images such as animals, family & friends, or cars to express a specific feeling with their cartoon art. Here, students will learn to use simple pictures to communicate to the reader. Adult students are also taught central joke formats/art of humor in cartoons, creating a portfolio, principles of a comic, cartooning communication, history of cartooning, and even the impact of cartooning in our society.

The more advanced cartoon classes will involve creating storylines with their cartoon characters. This requires the student to develop characters to carry their stories and thereby learning basic story techniques.

Drawing class

If you are interested in drawing or sketching, the ideal venue for learning how to draw is an online class where the comfort of a familiar environment will ignite your creativity. Online classes will teach you the tools you need and give you the chance to draw different objects from places to people at your own pace. In the beginning, students are asked to imitate the work and styles of other artists and eventually draw from real life.

The first thing students learn in online drawing classes is which materials to use and why? This can make all the difference between creating great drawings, sketches, and paintings to struggling to produce high-quality art. After that, students are taught different drawing levels, from simple forms to more complex compositions. Online drawing classes are done step by step, allowing each student to learn at their own pace. The student can design their own learning experience by choosing their preferred shapes or subjects to begin with.

Online art teachers help students analyze their objects and break them into simple shapes for easier drawing. Trainers also emphasize developing observational skills and hand-eye coordination as these are the foundation of any great drawing.

Digital Art

This type of art uses digital encoding as part of the creative process. In an age where all things are becoming digital, digital art expression’s importance could not be emphasized more. The use of digital tools in art introduces students to the world of digital design. Students learn visual skills, technical skills, and digital design principles in online classes for digital art.

While digital art will never take the place of good old traditional drawing, the best thing about joining digital art classes is that it lets students interact with technology. So, on top of creating fine, beautiful art, students will benefit from all the technological careers that stem from it. Moreover, digital art still teaches the fundamentals of art, just like drawing and cartooning classes. Online digital art classes involve; art fundamentals, development of characters, painting environments, painting faces, painting shapes, and even concept art architecture.

Online Watercolor Painting Classes

Ever wanted to try watercolor painting? At first glance, the watercolor painting would seem daunting. There is a kind of wildness and freedom in using watercolors to paint once mastered well. Whether you are a beginner or a big-time artist, learning watercolor painting presents you simply with adventure and fun! You can produce magnificent and appealing artwork when you experiment with watercolor painting. In watercolor painting classes, students learn how to choose and use watercolors, the texture and sizes of brushes to use, and control brush stroke.


There is no limit to the power of the human mind when it comes to learning, so choose one of the online art classes above and uncover your creativity or that of your child at home.