Top 5 Hits Song Collection of Telugu Movies in 2020: Melodious Journey of Gratification



Music is vital for us to cling to this final thread of human connection. In this context, keep a place on the Telugu film music top list has always been the goal for any aspiring musical artists due in part to its influence and sheer size of music-lovers. Even one bright pleasure side of Telugu movies music’s amid the grimness of ever times has been the serendipity of people’s hearing happiness.

As a matter of fact, classical or modern Telugu film music always magically offers anyone to felling comfort in the face of thousands of unpredictable cruelty. One of the most impressive things about Telugu film music is that the creation of a Telugu song is the combination of incomparable and perfect melodies, rhythm, and lyric.

Whatever; if you are looking in such music that’s soothing without being sentimental,  the article will provide a brief discussion about the top 5 hits Telugu movie song in 2020. Don’t look for high quality telugu songs download for your device, just visit naasongs.

  1. “No Pelli” from “Solo Brathuke So Better”

‘No Pelli’ is quite a unique soundtrack for Telugu, in which lyricist Raghuram wrote delectable texture. Its captivating music composition is an asset to Thaman S. this song a hugely impressive debut for Bollywood singer Armaan Malik, was using his excellent form from Bollywood music even in Telugu.

These lovely melodic songs are audio and video entity rights organizations Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra LLP. ‘Solo Brathuke So Betteri’ movies director Subbu make this song video more Long-overdue because of this song starring by most popular celebrity SaiTej and NabhaNatesh.

  1. “Nee Kannulu” from “Savaari”

‘Nee Kannulu’ song was sung by singers Rahul Sipligunj, whose fantastic voice brought love to the listener. And Shekar Chandra was in charge of the music composer for this song. It is one of the best melodies to hit the music charts this year because it has been heartwarming to witness the steady.

Lyricist KasarlaShyam became an overnight sensation with this incredibly catchy number that has an enticing ability to catch up audience crowds. This song video starring by Srikanth ReddyGanta, Nandu, and Priyanka Sharma, precisely a reason why it is more familiar.

  1. “Manasu Maree” from “V”

‘Manasu Maree’ songs have a magical melody; it has not only to have a well-decoration tune but also has rehearsed the song demanded situation.  Singers Amit Trivedi, ShashaaTirupati&YazinNizar outstanding lovely-voice have made this song unique for the Telugu music industry.

This song is richly arranged lyrics documentation that was written by SeetharamaSastrygaru, which outcome this song turns into a piece of epic music. In this adorable music video was a performance by Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari. Actually, it was one of the best arrangements for the music director Amit Trivedi.

  1. “OMG Daddy” from “AlaVaikunthapurramuloo”

‘OMG Daddy’ is a mighty impressive melody featuring by music composer Thaman S. The combination of Rahul sipligunj incredible singing and outstanding rap has been made this song the best energetic and tunes to hit the music charts, where Telugu rap vocalist Roll Rida, female rap lady Kash, and English rap Rahul Nambiar. In this song, videocast has been a performance by Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde.

Moreover, this massively successful song was released by which the banner of Haarika&Hassine Creations and Geetha Arts. And it’s Lyrics & Telugu Rap Written by krishnaChaitanya.

  1. “Single’s Anthem” from “Bheeshma”

“Single’s Anthem” is beautifully handling the catchy tune by the music director MahatiSwaraSagar, which simplicity, and it helps that the singer trusted the composition without going overboard with any improvisation. On this song video, a lovely pairing Nithiin and RashmikaMandanna that was released by the banner of Sithara Entertainments.

Even this song fabulous lyric written by MahatiSwaraSagar, and singer Anurag Kulkarni provides his lovely voice. As a matter of fact, this song is truly able to represent the beauty of music is its universality.