Top 5 Best Places To Live In Ontario



It’s understandable why everyone would want to move and experience the life that Ontario has to offer. Stable economy, secured area, friendly and diverse community, lovely weather, and good food. There are a lot of good reasons why moving here is a great idea.

If you’re wondering which places in Ontario are great to live, here are the top 5 neighborhoods you should check out.

1. Ottawa

It’s just right to start with the great Ottawa. Besides its rich cultural and historical heritage, Ottawa is an ever-growing city that never bores a single person. You have everything that you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors, all year long. Aside from fun activities, the area is very safe and has a lower crime rate. Most cities nowadays suffer from heinous crimes, but it’s the opposite with Ottawa. No wonder it’s a preferred spot for immigrants and residents alike.

2. Burlington

Just a few miles from Toronto, Burlington is also a sprawling area that adapted modern living while still keeping the outdoor life burning. For the outdoor seekers, this is the best home you can find in Canada. There’s a lot of opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, and so much more! Living here is a perfect way to stay active and occupied while growing with the rest of the community.

3. Oakville

This town was dubbed as one of the cleanest places in Canada. This suburban town has put a lot of effort into conserving the environment for the next generation by keeping the area clean and opening up green recreational areas. No wonder this town has been kept so beautiful and well ordered through the years. If you prefer a laid back and peaceful living while also enjoying the modern city living every now and then, this place is just for you.

4. Barrie

With the city’s small size and a small population of only 150,000 people, no doubt, this is a cute city to grow with. For just an hour away from Toronto, the next neighborhood awaits your bright future. The area’s top highlights are their unbelievable cheap housing. When you talk about cities, it’s hard to find cheap ones. With Barrie, you can build your dream home without breaking the bank.

5. The Nation

And lastly, if you prefer the small town living and enjoy the impeccable food scene. The Nation is the most preferred choice for you. Mostly populated by French immigrants, you will surely enjoy all the French food around you. They have one of the most amazing bakeries, restaurants, and wine shops. Fill your belly with good food and memorable experiences as you live in this cute little town of The Nation. It’s sure to impress you of a French living like never before.

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