Top 5 BA in Economics Careers of The Future

BA in Economics Careers of The Future

BA in Economics Careers of The Future

Economics plays a crucial role in our everyday life and makes for an interesting subject to study. With sound knowledge of economics, you can make a brilliant career ahead as money and trade are two crucial aspects of the business world.

A degree such as BA in Economics or even a postgraduate in the subject can be a brilliant foundation for a stable career ahead. Studying economics helps the student make sound and strategic decisions that are required in many areas of business- marketing, management, finance and more.

With a bachelor in economics, you are also well-prepped for different career roles that offer stability, success and good remuneration. Some of these job profiles have been discussed below:

  1. Market research analyst

A lot of thought process goes into the creation of products and services that would be well received in the market. As a market research analyst, you are required to assess current market trends under different economic conditions.

This job requires gathering and studying different data to quantify results that are later presented to the clients. To work as a market research analyst, you are required to have knowledge of writing, graphical representation and even statistical skills.

  1. Financial Analyst

A business has to undertake various dealings that require huge financial transactions. They also need to have detailed information on stocks, bonds and different investment tools. For this, they require a professional who possesses excellent quantitative skills.

As a financial analyst, you need to have such a skill set along with an understanding of computer software and models. On this job profile, you will be asked to prepare reports that will be used for final decision making about mergers, acquisitions, investments and more.

  1. Economic Consultant

Organizations are continuously looking for a scope to grow and expand. An economic consultant assists them in that process by analysing industry trends as per the economic scenario. Having strong analytical and research skills is a prerequisite in this role.

As an economic analyst, you can work for various industries such as healthcare, finance, education and more.

  1. Business Reporter 

If along with economics, you have a flair for writing then the job of a business reporter is suitable for you. On this profile, you will have to write well-researched stories on business leaders, financial markets and also on various economic developments and trends.

The job requires you to be aware of even the smallest change in the industry and then write about the essentials of the economic world in such a way that common people are able to understand it.

  1. Policy analyst 

Another very popular job role that you can pursue with a bachelor in economics is that of a policy analyst. Policies are continuously created, amended and redrafted and it is the job of a policy analyst to analyse the efficiency of these policies.

Being a part of this profile, you will be required to collect and study statistical data to explore and examine various policies.

Apart from these prolific profiles, a bachelor in economics makes you applicable for many other job roles. You can explore a world of opportunities and make a tremendously successful career ahead with the right skills and aptitude.