Top 16 Places to Advertise in Miami



Miami is a fun tropical city known for its beautiful beaches and swanky nightlife, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Not only is Miami popular with tourists, but it’s also the second most populated city in Florida – advertising in Miami is a no-brainer.

Miami billboards are the ideal medium to get eyes on your brand or business. Not only will you reach locals, who can frequent your shop again and again, but you can introduce your brand to new customers from around the world.

When choosing the location of your Miami billboard, you’ll want to consider which sites will best suit your target audience. Areas with nightlife are best to catch the eye of Miami’s youth, interstates can help you reach locals on their daily commute, and tourist attractions can help you connect with visitors.

Use this list of the sixteen best places to advertise in Miami to match your target audience with the ideal location for your next Miami billboard.

Highways and Heavy Traffic Intersections

1. I 95 Expressway 

The I95 is the main interstate through Miami. You’ll reach local Miami residents to commute to work from all walks of life, Florida residents heading into the city for the weekend, and out-of-state tourists heading from the airport to their hotel.

2. I 195 

The I195 connects the I95 to the city’s beaches on the eastern side. Swimwear brands – and other beach-related businesses would do well with billboards facing those commuting east.

3. Ocean Drive 

Located in South Beach, this main drag features shops, restaurants, and nightlife surrounded by art-deco architecture. Here you’ll find locals and tourists out to have a good time.

4. Biscayne Blvd (US Highway 1) 

Biscayne Blvd runs through the heart of Miami from Downton to the upper East side and continues to the airport. Along this main route, you can find locals who live in Little Haiti, tourists leaving the airport,  and the thriving Arts District.

Shopping Centers

5. Bal Harbour Shops 

Bal Harbour Shops are the luxury shopping Mecca of Miami. Find designer stores like Luis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, and more. Your billboard will be viewed by Miami’s elite and tourists enjoying window shopping.

6. Dolphin Mall 

The Dolphin Mall is another stunning outdoor mall with traditional stores, including Forever 21, Neiman Marcus, and Marshall’s. Advertising here, you’ll reach Miami and Florida locals while they shop, hit the cinema, or peruse the weekly farmers market.

7. Miracle Mile 

The Miracle Mile is a stunning shopping location with unique boutiques, bridal stores, and chic restaurants. Here you’ll connect with tourists and locals seeking something unusual and shop beyond name brands.

8. Bayside Park Marketplace

Not only does the Bayside Park Marketplace include name-brand stores, including Express and  Footlocker, but its location on the water makes it a popular tourist destination. Families, in particular, frequent this marketplace since visitors can catch a cruise along the harbor or charter a boat to go fishing.

Tourist Attractions

9. Wynwood Walls

Miami hosts Art Basel annually and is known for its art and culture. Here tourists can visit the museum or walk along the boulevard to view Miami’s signature street art and graffiti, as well as visit trendy cafes and restaurants.

10. Miami Seaquairium 

If your target audience is families with young children, the Miami Seaquarium is the ideal location for a billboard.

11. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens  

Located along Biscayne Bay, this gorgeous Gilded Age estate provides sweeping views of the coast while visitors tour a unique historical location. While you cannot buy a billboard on the grounds, an advertisement nearby would help you reach more mature tourists.

12. South Beach

Southbeach may be the most iconic location in Miami – by day, watch out for locals on rollerskates. In the evenings, Southbeach truly glitters; the art deco buildings host some of the city’s best nightlife.

Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums provide an excellent backdrop for your Miami billboard. Here you’ll reach a primarily male audience, although women also regularly attend games and events. Not only will you reach die-hard local fans, but it will grant you the opportunity to get your brand in front of fans from the opposing team who are in town for the big game.

13. Hard Rock Stadium 

Home of the Dolphins and the Hurricanes, Miami’s NFL teams. They also host the famous Miami Open, an international tennis tournament.

14. Marlins Park 

Marlins Park is the baseball capital of Miami and home to the city’s MLB team.

15. Miami Marine Stadium 

The Miami Marine Stadium was the first stadium of its kind, built to host boast races along the Florida Coast. Advertising here, you’ll reach boating enthusiasts of all ages.

16. Stadio Soccer 

Stadio Soccer is a fabulous place to reach Miami locals. Unlike large-scale sports venues, this stadium allows anyone to book a field to play with their league or for a child’s birthday party.