Tips to Design the Best Business Card 

Business Card 

Business Card 

Your business card is going to leave a long lasting impression on your customers; make sure to get it right.

We are breathing in a digital world and this era is all about technology and digital growth. In the modern business industry, business cards do seem like an ancient concept. But hold on to that thought as these cards are more than just a simple, printed piece of paper. If you don’t hand one over to different clients, you might be missing out on so many opportunities that you are completely oblivious about.

If you are planning to get a new business card for your company or you are just starting up and you want to design one for your startup; here are some tips to help you.

How to Design the Best Business Card?

Remember, a poorly designed business card will put your business at risk. And you certainly do not want this. To leave an impression, you need to put in some good amount of effort too. How? Let’s find out.

  1. Understand your Company:

Before you even begin to design a business card or get one designed from an expert, it is crucial to know what you are trying to communicate. What kind of company are you? What should your card be saying? Remember, it is not all about words. Design speaks for itself too. Sit down and write all about your brand, who you are and what message you want to serve with the card.

  1. Choose a Shape and Size:

If you look through different cards, you will realize that there are endless possibilities in terms of shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a traditional, box shape style or you want something unique? Explore your design styles. However, this does depend on your budget too. But going outside the box will certainly help you in catching attention.

There are 3 basic sizes, i.e. european standard, north american standard and oceania standard. Choose the size wisely, according to your shape.

  1. Be Creative:

Adding your logo and graphics is the most challenging task and here, you need to be creative. Remember, that the center of attention is your logo but your graphics must be aligned in such a way that they bring visual appeal to the business card overall. You can either dedicate the entire card to the logo and mention details on the back or play around with graphics and logo, both, on the front page.

Look for different ideas to widen your perspective and unleash your creativity to bring the best card to life.


At the end, remember to play with the text wisely. Do not write unnecessary details. Stick to the basics like company name, phone number, address, URL and social media handle along with your slogan. Now, aligning all of it perfectly is the real game. Take your time, to ensure that you put together an eye catching business card.