Tips on Picking a Good Hreflang Checker

HTML attribute tells Google the country and language

HTML attribute tells Google the country and language

If one strives to grow their website’s organic traffic by attracting users from a specific region, it’s necessary to check the hreflang parameter. This HTML attribute tells Google the country and language a certain web page is targeted to. This, in turn, creates a better local audience experience. To test the attribute in the right way, one should employ a hreflang checker by a reputable provider like Netpeak Software. Let’s figure out how to pick the best tool for your specific needs.

A Variety of Subscription Plans

Credible vendors make their hreflang validator affordable for site holders with various financial capacities. For example, among the most popular validators, Netpeak Spider is highly lauded by website owners. This application stands out not only for smooth operation and loads of helpful functions, but also for the availability of three subscriptions:

  • Starter. It’s priced starting at $7/user/month and suits those having small websites.
  • Advanced. The cost starts at $12/user/month. This is a flawless choice for middle-sized sites.
  • Pro Bundle. The subscription price starts at 22/user/month. This option fits large marketplaces and SEO agencies.

In addition, Netpeak Spider has a lifetime license. Here, one should make a single payment of $168, $288, or $528, depending on the subscription they need. After that, you are allowed to use the hreflang validator by Netpeak Software forever without any additional commissions.

Comprehensive Client Support

Reliable hreflang validator providers hire live support service managers with a highly professional attitude. In addition, they provide their client support specialists with specific pieces of training to upskill them. As a result, credible providers’ service managers are able to quickly solve any problem related to the hreflang checker operation.

Availability of Exhaustive FAQs

Trustworthy hreflang validator vendors offer their clients a comprehensive knowledge base. For instance, Netpeak Software suggests an all-embracing FAQ section. The information here is permanently updated with new helpful details.

Presence of Thematic Blogs

Typically, reliable providers publish manuals, news about their products, interesting information about hreflang checker use cases, possibilities, etc. Netpeak Software blog is run by highly qualified writers with relevant experience in website promotion and SEO tool usage.

Trusted Vendors Always Work Officially

Reputable providers have official licenses. When checking permissions, pay attention to their expiration dates – they must be valid. Also, check serial numbers by running them through corresponding online platforms. Usually, hreflang checker providers send copies of their licenses upon request.

Checking their licenses isn’t necessary if we talk about well-known brands like Netpeak Software. Such companies’ integrity is backed by their positive reputation and long successful experience in the market.

Some More Words

Using hreflang checkers is vital if you want to provide a better experience for a local audience. Those are the next gen of SEO tools that make the optimization process much more efficient. Reputable software vendors suggest properly operating hreflang validators with long lists of helpful SEO testing functions and professional, responsive client service. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the correct hreflang codes in place to accurately target your desired audience. On the other hand, shady companies often deliver low-quality applications at an excessively high cost.