10 Tips For Hiring People For Your Business

Hiring People For Your Business

Hiring People For Your Business

Every organization wants to hone its recruitment process so it can easily get fresh talent on board. As the unemployment rate increases in Singapore – rising from 3.10% in 2019 to 4.10% in 2020 – finding the perfect candidate has become a hassle for native startups. However, these suggestions can help you overcome any difficulty in your hiring process. Recruiting new employees costs a company money. Hiring employees properly saves your organization unnecessary expenditures associated with hiring new people. So, here’s what employers should do to invite more people to become a part of the workplace:

  1. Watch your words

How to create job ads properly? Using normal language that shows what you’re looking for helps you attract the right people. Many candidates complain about job ads not being clear about the job role. So, ensure the language is readable before posting an advertisement online. Don’t make the job role sound intimidating or complicated because it will only drive away the right candidates. Choose your words carefully and keep them gender-neutral too.

  1. Recruit foreign candidates

You may recruit foreign candidates to supplement your Singaporean workforce. Hiring international employees can help you access a wider talent pool, access foreign markets, and establish diversity in the workplace. So, contact an employment agency Singapore to recruit candidates and access fresh talent via efficient recruitment techniques. Diversity brings creativity to the office and makes this hiring process the most cost-effective. Thus, you should consider foreign candidates. Also consider diversity and inclusion training by choosing the right diversity and inclusion training programs for recruiters.

  1. Don’t rush it

Are you the type of person who hires the very first candidate through the door? That’s a mistake. You shouldn’t rush the recruitment process like that; instead, interview to discover the best folks for the job. You’re unlikely to get the best person for the position if you become desperate. Instead, express patience when interviewing candidates and methodically evaluate their competency. Consider using pre-employment screening assessments to determine if their skills truly do match up with the kind of work the role entails, this can help you sift your final few candidates to find one that is most capable of handling a transition into this role smoothly.

  1. Ask difficult questions

The process should involve some difficult questions to determine what you want from candidates. A business owner can pose these queries before human resources so they may pick the right folks for an interview later. Split candidates’ competencies into what’s necessary and what’s coachable. You cannot compromise on the necessary competencies because they determine the perfect person for the job. So, what kind of questions may you ask? Here are some queries to provide to the HR guys:

  • Which skills are lacking in the workers right now?
  • How can some of these candidates fill this skill gap properly?
  • What essential qualities do these candidates to be worth considering?
  1. Impress your candidate

Many hiring managers and business owners expect candidates to impress them but forget that it’s their job to impress an eligible candidate as well. How would you convince talented individuals to join your company? That’s right. You must show them why your organization is a great workplace for these candidates.

The recruitment process should convince these candidates that joining your company can help them advance their careers. So, make candidates feel valued, respected, and listened to when you want to recruit them. Respond to them, and they’ll be impressed enough to consider joining your workplace.

Hiring employees, for example dedicated software development team, properly saves your organization unnecessary expenditures associated with hiring new people.

  1. Offer more flexibility

Surveys have shown that one-third of new hires quit after six months! It happens because (1) these hires don’t get trained enough, and (2) they don’t have the kind of flexibility they want. So, offering more flexibility convinces modern-day workers to stay with your company for a long time. Research even indicates that 1 in 4 Singaporean employees are willing to give up bigger bonuses for a chance to keep working from home. Thus, consider offering hybrid working options to candidates for hire.

  1. Show company values

Don’t forget that while competencies can be coachable, personality isn’t. Ensure you’re hiring a person with the right attitude, someone who respects your company values. Many CEOs would rather hire a less-talented person with the right character than a highly-skilled fellow with the wrong personality. That’s how job interviews can help you determine the person’s behavior and whether a candidate’s right for your company. In short, don’t hire toxic people just because they are talented.

  1. Research them all

It’s important to conduct background research on all candidates. You should verify their credentials to ensure they haven’t lied on their resumes. Many candidates exaggerate their accomplishments to impress potential employers. So, verifying their qualifications will help you judge their competency.

Moreover, you can simply run a Google search to gather some professional information on some of your candidates. For instance, they may have a LinkedIn profile, and it’s normal for employers today to check a candidate’s Facebook account. That’s how you can ensure you’re hiring the right person.

  1. Reject them all decently

Don’t just reject a candidate outright. Instead, be courteous when dismissing someone. In this tech-dependent world, words travel fast! You can’t have your company’s reputation tarnished by wrong rejection methods. Candidates have invested some time and effort in applying for this job post. So, show them some effort when telling them they didn’t make the cut.

  1. Focus on retention

Everyone knows that retaining already-existing employees costs much less than hiring a new one. So, focus on retaining your workers so they won’t leave soon. That’s how you can reduce the cost of interviewing, recruiting, and coaching brand-new people.


In short, recruiting employees costs more than retaining the already-existing ones. It makes sense to recruit them properly to avoid any mishaps. You should contact an employment agency to help find some foreign workers in Singapore. Watch your words carefully when posting job ads. Don’t rush the hiring process by recruiting the first guy who shows up. Interview candidates, confirm their credentials, ask difficult questions, and show them your company values. Be flexible because that’s how you can get modern workers on board. Reject candidates decently to avoid causing any backlash. That’s how business owners can now hire diligent people to work for their organizations.