Things you keep in mind before buying a laptop



Buying a laptop is an interesting activity as soon as you know what to buy or what to ignore but if you are a beginner then it may be somehow difficult for you.

There are various things or we can say that there are various specifications that are needed to be the focus and concerned about.

Especially if you are a beginner then this guide is surely for you so that you can easily pick your favorite and suitable laptop.

Now the question is what should be in mind while buying a laptop? So, there are many things as we mentioned above.

Some of them are meant to focus but some of them can be ignored and you should know how to differentiate.

We are going to share some of the important specifications that must be present in a laptop like RAM, storage, and many more things.

These specifications are discussed below and the reason to discuss them is to show the importance of these specifications. You can read more articles on Techquare for more information.

The brand must be your priority

When you are going to buy a laptop then your priority must be the branded laptop or we can say that you must go for popular brands.

There are hundreds of brands that are manufacturing laptops but not all of them are so durable and reliable and you need to be the focus.

If you are a beginner then we recommend you to go for a popular brand and the reason for choosing a popular one is that they are very durable.

We also have some warranties that are given by the manufacturers and that is something attractive for a customer.

But some branded laptops are also not that much efficient and you need to know about what to check in a laptop before buying it.

Go for an under-budget laptop

There are two options while buying a laptop; one is to have an expensive laptop or the second option is to go for an under budget laptop.

Some people thought that having an expensive laptop is good and expensive laptops are way very efficient but it is not completely true.

We can say that it is somehow true because when we have higher specifications then you can say that the laptop is expensive.

But we do have many laptops which are not that expensive and we can say that they are considered as the under-budget laptops.

And it is not true that expensive laptops are only good or efficient and as we mentioned above that they are also considered as good.

What specifications should be considered?

Many things must be present in a laptop whether it is a gaming laptop or a simple laptop and we can say that specifications are mostly the same.

These specifications play an important role in making a computer efficient or dumb so, you need to be clear about these specifications.

Otherwise, you cannot even enjoy simpler tasks on your laptop like playing low-end games or making presentations.

That’s why you need to have these specifications present in your laptop and they are not that unique or rare.

We are going to give the details of these specifications so; you can have a look at them and decide your suitable specifications.


The very reasonable thing or specification to consider is a processor and you must be very clear about the processor performance and processor generation.

There are many choices when you are picking up your laptop like you have many types and generations and you can pick any of them.

But if you are a beginner and don’t know that much about laptops, you can go for a laptop in which intel processors are installed.

We have various generations and if you need to run heavy software on your laptops then you should have a processor with the latest generations.

But the processor is not the only thing which is required and it is not the thing which is only needed in a laptop, there are many more things to consider.


Then it comes to the other important specification that is termed RAM and it is very important to be good on a laptop.

Same as a processor, we have many options when it comes to the RAM like we have 16GB RAM, 32GB Ram, and many more options.

It is quite obvious that when you are going to play high-end games on your laptop, you need to have a higher RAM of at least 16 GB.

But if you are going to play low-end games or you are going to use it for simpler tasks then you can go for a maximum of 8GB RAM.

RAM is as important as the other specifications because it plays a vital role in making a laptop speedier so, you need to have a higher specification.

There are two types of RAMs; one is DDR4 and the other is DDR3 RAM but both are suitable and the difference between these two is speed.

DDR4 RAM is much faster than the other and it is recommended for professionals and beginners too.

Bottom line

Many things should be in your mind while you are going to buy a laptop but not all of them are important.

Some of them can be compensated but not all of them so, you need to be very clear about what to focus on or what to ignore.

We have discussed some of the facts that are important and play a vital role in speeding up your laptop.