5 Things to Know Before Moving to NYC

Moving to NYC

Moving to NYC

Moving to New York City can seem intimidating to anyone at first, what with its bustling streets, large squares and massive crowds.  However, the Big Apple is a wonderful place to live, and whether you’re moving for career reasons, or just because you like the City, here are five important tips for moving to New York City from a certified NYC movers company which helps people move to the City every day.

  1. Research the Neighborhoods

New York is composed of five boroughs, with each borough being composed of several neighborhoods with distinct cultures and characteristics. Some of the factors to consider before moving to a neighborhood include:

  • Affordability: New York City isn’t cheap, and different neighborhoods have different rent prices. If you are strapped for cash, consider moving to one of the outer boroughs like Staten Island or Bronx, which are relatively affordable compared to Manhattan.
  • Commuting Time: If you are moving for work, keep in mind that, while the city has a functional metro system, transit times can still be quite high if you’re commuting from an outer borough
  • Amenities: Different neighborhoods have varying amenities, from grocery stores to restaurants, parks and recreational facilities.
  1. Be mindful of the Housing Market

New York City is known for having one of the most competitive housing markets in the United States, and if you want to move here, you need to know that most landlords ask for two months rent in advance and a security deposit. To increase your chances of securing an apartment, you will sometimes be required to provide your credit score, proof of income and references from locals or friends and family.

Besides that, also consider that you might come across a lot of apartments that do not have furniture, and furnishing will be an added cost. It is also recommended that you start your apartment hunt as early as possible, and to give yourself at least a couple of months leeway before finding a place to live.

Unless you are rich, you will probably need to split the rent and utilities with some roommates. With renting prices as high as $5000 per apartment, roommates might just make the city affordable for you.

  1. Public Transit is Your Friend

While it might seem necessary for some to bring their car into New York City, keep in mind that the Big Apple is one of the most congested cities on Earth. With this in mind, public transit will help you save a lot of nerves while trying to move around the city. Buses, subways and trains all connect the five boroughs and their numerous neighborhoods.

Consider investing in a MetroCard, which is a reloadable card that you can use to pay for subway and bus rides. Also think about downloading apps like CityMapper, which provide real time information on bus and subway schedules and delays.

  1. Make Friends

The City can feel pretty lonely if you don’t make an effort to go out and meet new people. Try joining local clubs, volunteering for events or attending community gatherings. New York is a very diverse city, with numerous cultures and nationalities all living together, so if you decide to put in the work, the rewards will be bountiful.

  1. Budget Accordingly

Keep in mind that you are moving to one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is crucial to be mindful of your expenses, so try to look for ways to save money. Creating a budget which takes into account your every expense will leave you with a pretty clear picture of your spending at the end of the day. In general though, avoid eating out, avoid buying coffee from cafes every day, and try to buy your groceries in bulk if you can. If you have a credit card, try not to overdraft, as the fees can be punishing. If you do go into debt, do your best to pay it off by the end of the month.

There are numerous other things that can be said about moving to the Big Apple, but these are what we consider to be the most important tips to know before coming here. With that out of the way, New York is beautiful and will provide a unique experience to every visitor.