The Ultimate Guide to Writing the Perfect College Essay in Seven Easy Steps



A college essay is one of the most important things you’ll ever write, and the perfect college essay can get you accepted to your dream school—no matter what your SAT scores are or how extracurricular-heavy your resume is. In this guide, you’ll learn seven steps to writing the perfect college essay in order to get into the college of your dreams. Take these steps into account, and you’re sure to impress every admissions officer who lays eyes on your application without using a paper writing service!

Introduction: Why the college essay is important

College essays are a crucial part of your college application. They give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other applicants and show schools who you are as a person. With so much at stake, it’s important to have some guidelines for writing a good essay that will help get accepted into the school of your dreams. Here are seven easy steps for writing an essay that gets accepted every time !  5. Be sure to follow these steps to craft the perfect college essay!

Step One: Choose your prompt

Choosing a  topic for your essay can be hard, so it is best to think about what you are passionate about. If you are not sure, visit your college’s website or speak with an admissions counselor. You want your essay to show off what makes you unique, so choose something that will show off who you are! What do you enjoy doing? What have been some of your most memorable moments? Why did you pick this school out of all the ones available?

Step Two: Brainstorm

Brainstorming means coming up with a bunch of ideas, no matter how weird or bad they might seem.  It’s also good to ask your parents or friends for input on this step. They know a lot more about you than you do! Write all these things down and then start crossing off the ones that won’t work. Keep going until you have three possible topics for your essay.

Step Three: Narrow your focus

Narrow your focus and make sure you’re on track with these questions: What does a perfect essay look like? *How will my essay be evaluated? *What are some common pitfalls for essays? What is the best approach for this essay prompt? What does a perfect essay look like? What are some common pitfalls for essays? This is your opportunity to show how unique you are. Write about something that sets you apart from other applicants or tell an unusual story from your life.

Step Four: Write a draft

Once you’ve brainstormed and organized your thoughts, it’s time to write a draft. Write as quickly as possible without stopping, and remember not to censor yourself. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar mistakes. This is a first draft! Once you’ve finished your essay, take a break for at least an hour before reading over what you’ve written. Read your work from beginning to end – even if you’re tempted to skip ahead. When you get tired of reading, set it aside for another day and try again later on.

Step Five: Edit and revise

Edit and revise your essay again. Make sure you are using words that will be appropriate for a college student to use. For example, don’t say I went but say I walked. Try to avoid using too many contractions like won’t or can’t. You may find that some of the sentences in your essay don’t fit together well or have sentence fragments or extra information that doesn’t need to be there. Use this time to edit out any unnecessary parts of sentences and make all of the sentences flow together better with each other.

Step Six: Submit your essay

Submit your essay by using our essay editor, which will allow you to track your progress. You’ll receive a notification when your essay is complete, and you can also click Track Your Progress at any time to view how many words are completed. If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve written, start over from Step One!