The Science Behind Flawless Explainer Video Script Writing

Science Behind Flawless Explainer Video Script Writing

Science Behind Flawless Explainer Video Script Writing

The purpose of an explainer video is to contain all the necessary important required to showcase the marketing of your product or company. These videos are really important to increase the conversion rate and ultimately the revenue generated. Some sites experienced a rise in conversion rates by 144% through explainer video production and hence why it is important to scheme out the entire marketing strategy beforehand, to have a successful revenue generation.

But, is it possible that any sort of a variety of guiding vids would help to achieve prosperity in terms of revenue? Well, the answer to this is No! It all comes down to how well the script is written and how expertly it is put together for the video to succeed and make a cut above the rest. Explainer video production and scripting is a work of art and science combined and this article deals with all the necessary information that will help you script a flawless guiding vid.

  1. Build a Story Outline:

When writing a script, it is important to first write a convincing and adequate story outline to figure out any possible existing flaws or weaknesses that can be present in your writing. It is also best to discuss the outline with an expert meticulous person to observe and pinpoint the possible drawbacks existing in the script. Building a story outline will help to achieve the benefits of identifying certain problems beforehand, which can be worked upon, that will result in a flawless outcome. Planning is an initiation of a design and it is important to seek all possible outcomes of a design and then choosing the best one.

  1. Attractive beginnings:

The beginning of a story is what compels the viewers to continue watching the entire video and convince them to get attracted to your product. It should be scripted in a way that the viewers watch it the entire time and don’t jump switch to another video due to finding it boring or unattractive. A marvelous way to make the beginnings eye catchy is to include the user problems in the beginning proceeding with how you can help them. It all depends on what kind of audience is being targeted and how the marketing is strategized.

  1. Storytelling:

The purpose of Explainer video production is to demonstrate the user problem with an appropriate solution. It is an explanation of your strategy and hence the reason it is important to deliver it in a story-telling style that is easy to comprehend and grasp the concept. The script must deliver the point of view in a fathomable style while the animations can support what is being said for more user retention. A comprehensive story-styled script has more chances to attract users than a plain script with no background.

  1. Use of language and tone:

Often a guiding vid can be very knowledgeable but still fail to gather the attraction that it deserves with the provided information. This is because the tone of the script or language is not viewer-friendly. It is important to consider the delivery tone and language while scripting because this can turn the game upside down. The use of appropriate phrases and words that go along with visual representations is extremely beneficial while the use of harsh language or unclear tone can result in negative outcomes of your efforts.

  1. Length of the video:

It is crucial to look at the length of the video and make it concise. This does not mean that you omit important information or skip through essential material. The limit should be between 140-160 words in a minute while for a 2-minute video no more than 310 words should be utilized. Adding a short call to action also helps when the video cannot be encapsulated within two minutes. Simplifying the word choice and arrangement of phrases will attract human ears which will ultimately result in viewer retention.

  1. Solving the problem:

An explainer video thoroughly explains the problem as well as provides users with a solution. Hence, a flawless script would always come with an appropriate solution to the discussed problem so that the viewers can leave satisfactorily. No individual wants his/her time to be wasted and to reap maximum benefits out of your videos, it is also important to benefit viewers with a competent “how to” scenario. Explaining the “how” and “why” of a problem must occupy the majority of time on the script for a better understanding of the users.

  1. Adding a Call-to-action button:

Call-to-action buttons guide the users towards your goal conversions and they usually land the user on your website or a landing page. User interaction is important and explainer video production should be scripted out in a way that users reap maximum benefits when they click on a call-to-action text. This will also increase the chances of increasing the profits. A call-to-action button must always be included at the end of the video with a powerful punch line so that a viewer can be converted into a buyer. Also, add your email address or website URL along with the text at the end of the video.

  1. Careful use of humorous and friendly tone:

Before scripting, you must put yourself in users’ shoes to have a look at the complete picture and figure out a way to discuss what is going on in their minds. Imagine yourself to be a viewer and then script out the factors that are impressive or unimpressive. The use of seamless humor also attracts users to stay and watch the entire video and compels them to buy your product. But, at the same time remember to add the humor wisely because if it does not go with the flow, then it can become quite distracting for the viewers. This distraction can lose your potential client.


Hence, the science behind a flawless explainer video scripting comes down to how you succeed to interact with the users and the revenue generation would depend on how satisfied those users are. Therefore, it is important to keep into account all the discussed points for a good experience.