The Rise of Green Funerals and Cremation: The Options you Need to Know

Green Funerals and Cremation

Green Funerals and Cremation

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people choosing to be buried or cremated in an environmentally friendly way. This has been attributed to several factors, including the growth and expansion of natural burial and cremation sites, environmental concerns that have prompted people into making these decisions, and more common awareness for green living. Green Cremation Texas – Austin Funeral Home`s staff has been at the forefront in helping Texas residents with green funeral arrangements and cremation.

Growth of Green Funerals 

The green funeral industry is still in its infancy but is predicted to grow significantly over the next few decades. Tim Hartley, general manager of the Cemeteries and Crematorium Association (CCA), said: ‘The natural burial market is growing at a rate of 10-15 percent every year, in part due to population growth but we are also dealing with a whole new generation who have different expectations.’

Natural burial is not about trying to be green; it’s about how you want to be remembered. It’s not about saving money; it’s about feeling good about what you do in your life.

Market Driven By Consumer Demand

The green funeral industry is largely driven by consumer demand for natural and organic products. Increasingly, consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly options when it comes to their funerals. Many people choose to be buried or cremated in biodegradable coffins made from willow or cardboard instead of the traditional variety of coffins made from pine, oak, walnut, etc.

Green burials and cremations have grown in popularity partly due to environmental concerns and because they offer a more affordable alternative to the traditional funeral industry. Being eco-friendly is increasingly becoming a necessary aspect of modern life. In order to be green, you have to look at your purchasing habits. We need a drastic change in the way we think about products, and a lot of it is down to the way people are thinking.

Nothing to Do With Trends

Green burials and cremations are not about being trendy; they’re about a different approach to your funeral based on sustainability. It’s about a much more ethical attitude to death, and it’s not about money. It’s about what matters at the end of your life.

Natural burial is much more affordable than traditional funerals as there are fewer costs involved. This is partly because the body does not require embalming and can be put into a simpler coffin, which means no associated costs with handling the body. 

The green burial industry has also played a part in encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious.: There’s no way you can talk about being green and not have a conversation about environmental issues. Since natural burials started, it has become apparent to many what they can do to make small changes in their daily lives. People have started to learn about the increasing role of sustainability.

The green community has created a system where people can make their own choices when committing to a natural funeral. This means there is no one size fits all approach, and people can be as environmentally conscious or as minimalistic as they wish.

Should you Consider a Green Funeral?

A green funeral is the most environmentally responsible way to dispose of a body, and it’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Using natural solutions like biodegradable caskets, shrouds, and urns, you can reduce your carbon footprint while honoring the traditions of those who have passed on. You can also have this solution with minimal cost in most states. You can check the average cost of cremation for more information.

There are many reasons to avoid a traditional burial, all of which come with their own environmental costs. The first is the use of chemicals for embalming. These include chemicals such as formaldehyde and triclosan. These chemicals can release carcinogens into the soil during decomposition.

The second is the use of costly materials for caskets and urns. They are also usually not biodegradable. Ultimately, the biggest reason to choose a green funeral is the environmental impact. When you consider a burial vs. cremation, the carbon footprint of cremation is about one-tenth that of a traditional burial. When choosing a green burial option, it’s important to check the laws in your state. In addition, there are usually fees involved with natural burials. This you can find out by consulting with officials in charge.