The Most Common Reasons Cockroaches Are Attracted To Your Home

The Most Common Reasons Cockroaches Are Attracted To Your Home

The Most Common Reasons Cockroaches Are Attracted To Your Home

Cockroaches have a bad reputation as they are deemed dirty creatures. In fact, they are clean but they are capable of carrying bacteria on their legs and body. This is because of the materials they walk through, mainly decaying food waste and feces. It is these that can be transported to your food preparation surfaces and the bacteria can then be consumed by you, potentially making you ill.

If you believe you have a cockroach problem then you’ll need to search for pest control near me and have them resolve the issue for you. It is easier to prevent cockroaches from entering your home than it is to deal with the issue. It’s worth you clicking here to find out more about your local experts and being prepared, in case you do have an issue.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent cockroaches from being attracted to your home. The most important of these is knowing what attracts them so that you can avoid doing this.

Food Waste

The biggest draw to a cockroach is food waste, that’s why you’ll often see them around overflowing bins on the street. It’s easy food for them.

If you leave dirty dishes on the side, have pet food left out, or don’t vacuum regularly, you’ll have crumbs on the floor. All of this is a veritable feast to a cockroach and they will detect the food and come knocking.

As cockroaches are very adept at finding their way through gaps and into your home, it is easier to eliminate the food waste than it is to seal every possible entry gap.


Cockroaches are also attracted to cardboard. It represents a place to hide and they will consume it if needed. If you have clutter sitting around your home and it never moves you may have created a cockroach hotel. You won’t realize until you move a box for the first time.

That will certainly startle you!


Like all living creatures, cockroaches need water to survive. But, they also prefer moist places to live and hide. One of the best ways of eliminating the appeal of your home is to check offer water leaks. A dripping pipe can create a beautiful moist spot under your home or at the back of a cupboard that appeals to cockroaches.

You can check for water leaks by making a note of your water meter reading and not using water for a couple of hours. Then, check the meter reading again, if it has changed then you have a leak somewhere in the system.

Of course, cockroaches are also attracted to the warmth that your home can offer them. Unfortunately, it is hard to prevent this attraction as you will probably like your house being warm. That’s why you should focus on eliminating the other attractions to prevent cockroaches from becoming a problem.

Remember, if you see them and try to kill them, never use a toxic chemical near the places where you prepare food.