The Importance of Tracking Traffic of Your Business Website

Tracking Traffic of Your Business

Tracking Traffic of Your Business

There are more than 2 billion websites on the internet. This means that your competitors are also using effective websites to grow their business.

Therefore, how can ensure the proper effectiveness of your website? What steps do you need to take to enhance the ROI of your online marketing strategies? It all starts with the analytics of your website. If you don’t know proper ways to manage web analytics, you cannot measure the traffic on your website.

What does web analytics mean? In this article, you will realize the importance of tracking website traffic so that you can convert website visitors or leads.

Why Do You Need to Use Web Analytics?

If you monitor the successful and established businesses, you’ll realize that they track as many metrics as possible. If you don’t track the metrics, you won’t be able to know the proper functionality of your website. Additionally, you won’t be able to pinpoint the negative cash flows and proper methods to overcome them.

Many business owners and managers use their rational thinking and experiences to make crucial business decisions. Even though it’s suggested to follow your guts, you should not underestimate the importance of numbers.

Metrics don’t come with any expectations or biases. Instead, they are pretty easy to compare. If you fail to measure web analytics, you will be dominated by your competitors. Here are some important metrics you need to track.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is known as the number of visitors who visit your website but leave without interacting further. As per Google Analytics, users who visit only one page of your website and then leave are considered as bounced.

However, keep in mind that the overall bounce rate of your website might not be that useful. What will happen if someone visits the contact page of your website, collect the contact information, and then leaves? Will they be considered as bounced?

Therefore, instead of analyzing the overall bounce rate, you need to analyze the bounce rate of individual website pages. If you notice any problem, fixing it would decrease the bounce rate and increase the website traffic. Make sure you use a great site traffic checker to know the traffic on your website.

Conversion Rate

The website visitors and traffic are linked with each other and undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your business. If hundreds of people visit your website, this means some of those users are being converted to paying customers. As per Ecommerce training academy, optimizing the conversion rate can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

When you track your website’s conversion rate, you will be able to determine if the pages of your website are working properly. Additionally, you can also focus on the specific activities that will help you increase the number of people being converted to potential customers. However, make sure the user experience and design of your website are great.


This is one of the most important metrics you need to track. The engagement rate determines how many people liked or commented on your content. To get a hold of this number, consider checking the last 10 uploads on your social media platform and note down the number of comments and likes. Add the numbers and then divide by 10.

Engagement will help you know whether your audiences are listening to what you’re saying. Without determining the engagement rate of your website, you cannot grow your business.


Now you know the importance of tracking the traffic of your business website, it’s time to take proper steps to increase the traffic. More traffic means more customers. When people start purchasing products and services, you can easily grow your business.