The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters



There are several reasons why it’s important to clean your gutters. And it’s not always a cost to your wallet.

Let’s face it cleaning your gutters is no glamorous job, but have you thought of the cost if you ignore it?

Over time, leaves, seeds, sand, mud and even bits of tile, can accumulate in your gutters. Which without much thought can be overlooked for far too long. Eventually, these types of debris will build up, usually around down-pipes first. Seeing as cast iron down-pipes are essential for the drainage of water from your roof and gutters, it’s pretty important that they stay unclogged and running freely.

If these gutters or down-pipes do eventually get so blocked that water can’t drain from them, then the results can be costly. So far this year Chubb Australia Property have recorded 34% of their claims have been due to water damage. These damages aren’t just some measly sum either, damages can venture into the tens of thousands of dollars if left unattended. Damage can occur to the ceiling, flooring, internal walls and plaster, even your electrical appliances aren’t safe. The damage isn’t just limited to the home either. water that leaks into your ceiling or wall cavities will eventually lead to damp and mould issues. Couple this with existing health issues such as asthma or other respiratory issues and the results can be negative, even potentially deadly in some cases.

Guess what? The issues do not stop there. Full gutters are also a potential breeding ground for vermin and pests. Small insects will move in first, and these will be followed by larger creatures shortly after. It’s not uncommon for unattended gutters to be infested with mice, rats, birds and even bee/ hornets’ nest. And the mess created by these creatures, only acerbate the issue of full gutters further.

So, what is the answer? Well climbing up the old ladder and giving those gutters a clean will sort out the above-mentioned issues. It does present another issue though. The risk of a fall and injury. According to the Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, “every year 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries and approximately 300 of these incidents prove fatal”. Sometimes it’s best to leave some jobs to the experts. With the right gear and know how they can clean your gutters safely and efficiently. It’s common for gutter cleaners to harness up when they are working on your roof. Removing the amount of risk of serious injury or even death. Some professional gutter cleaners even use industrial scale vacuums to clean of the mess from your gutters. Not only making the service quicker, but also leaving your gutters cleaner than they have ever been before. So to avoid the cost to your home, family and health, get your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional ( preferably someone with a powerful vacuum system). For optimal results use a local expert, like Gutter Suction Perth. These sorts of companies will do a very thorough job, leave no leaf or speck of dust behind and will even unblock your downpipes or silicone your tiles for no added cost.

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