The Future Generation’s YouTube Modded Client| Youtube Vanced| All You Need to Know!

The Future Generation’s YouTube Modded Client| Youtube Vanced| All You Need to Know!

The Future Generation’s YouTube Modded Client| Youtube Vanced| All You Need to Know!

Have you been on the lookout for a single application that does what YouTube doesn’t? If that’s the case with you then it’s time you set your eyes on Youtube Vanced. Through this incredible application, you can not only play YouTube videos but do much more. You can go beyond conventions with Youtube Vanced.

YouTube has been outdated for a while now. If outdated is not the word you’ve been thinking of, let’s call it an application with limited functionality. YouTube doesn’t want us to have the full user experience, an experience with tons of most wanted features for its users.

This is where YouTube modded clients come into play. Downloading Youtube Vanced is one such client and a remarkable things at that! The Android application packs a lot of features and functions that YouTube simply doesn’t allow in its algorithm. With Youtube Vanced, you can download YouTube videos, block ads on YouTube, and stream YouTube videos in the background.

You can even extract the audio from a YouTube video in your desired audio format. What’s more, you can even synchronize all your YouTube data and account with Youtube Vanced. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your YouTube-related needs and expectations. So, if you haven’t downloaded the bad boy, it’s about time you do!

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What Does Youtube Vanced Pack?

Youtube Vanced is not an ordinary application, it is an application with a purpose.

1. Block YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can be exasperating and make you want to leave the screen, or worse, break the screen. Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow you to skip or block ads, except by perhaps offering you to purchase a membership. But who’d want to purchase a membership just to block ads when they can easily do it through a free application like Youtube Vanced.

Yes, Youtube Vanced allows you to block those irksome ads and guarantees you an entirely ad- and popup-free YouTube streaming experience.

2. Download YouTube Videos

YouTube doesn’t allow you to download all its videos. When it does, it just shows up in the download folder on your YouTube. As you already know, this folder is only accessible on the YouTube application. You can’t have your YouTube-downloaded videos appear in your gallery.

Times like this call for Youtube Vanced. The Android application allows you to download YouTube videos free of cost, and unlike YouTube, these videos are saved in your device’s storage and will definitely show up in your gallery and media. Using Youtube Vanced, you can download videos in the quality and format of your choice. You have a plethora of options to choose from – even 4K is an option! The cherry on top, you can even download entire playlists and channels using Youtube Vanced.

3. Extract Audio from YouTube Videos

In addition to allowing you to download YouTube videos, you can also extract the audio from your favorite YouTube videos using Youtube Vanced. You can download the said audio in MP3 and M4A formats and have the time of your life playing these audios back to back!

What’s even greater, these audio files are directly saved in your download directory and can be shared with your friends and family seamlessly.

4. Synchronize Your YouTube Account

If you’re worried about losing your playlists and subscriptions if you shift to Youtube Vanced, then don’t! Youtube Vanced allows a single-click login through which you can easily synchronize your previous YouTube data with Youtube Vanced. You just have to enter your credentials, and there you have it – all of your YouTube data just waiting for you to devour.

5. Play YouTube Videos in Background

YouTube’s Android users have been wishing for background playback for ages. Youtube Vanced has answered their wishes. Yes, you can now finally stream YouTube videos in the background or a pop-up version using Youtube Vanced.

Ending Note

Youtube Vanced truly is an application from the future. Currently, it’s only available on Android devices, but that is soon to change. Are you thinking of getting it? You can download it directly from the makers’ website or Google Play Store, the choice is always yours!