The Consequences of Mental Blocks 

Mental Blocks

Mental Blocks

The pandemic is a horrible situation economically, and mentally but what are we to do than adapt to a situation we can’t control? Now that we are all stuck at home, we have nothing to do but follow safety regulations by staying inside at all times. Companies are now enforcing a WFH or Work From Home setup. Working from home can be quite exciting especially if you’re used to a normal 9 to 5 job in the office. Although this is new to most of us, working from home is an acquired taste. Since this quarantine, our lives were put to a halt. Although many people were able to adapt, some found it hard to manage their time for themselves or time for working at all. Isolating for weeks, even months is difficult, especially to those of us who are so used to a working environment. This can lead to burn out, or even worse, mental block. If you are the kind of person who takes inspiration from their environment, mental block will be one of your obstacles during this quarantine. 

Mental block can be a hard obstacle to fight, especially when you rely on your environment for inspiration and ideas. It may be difficult to look for inspiration elsewhere. Getting stuck at home, waking up to the same plain white walls, same rooms, same desk you sit in. Your mind can get stuck looking at the same thing or doing the same routine. We understand how frustrating it is to get on with your day alongside trying to finish deadlines when you can’t think of ideas you can relay to your work meetings. It would be nice to go out once in a while but going outside is a risk and are you really willing to take it? Yes, there are ways to move around the system, like wearing masks or social distancing, but we understand how that won’t feel normal, at least not for a while. The pressure of having to think of new ideas is stressful enough, but if you’re stuck at home, we bet it would feel worse. Although mental block is normal, we should all take in consideration the consequences this might cause. Mental block can cause writer’s block, short term memory loss, associative blocking, unlearning, and motivated forgetting. Mental block relates to many issues in the brain, so it is best to keep yourself moving even in isolation. If you are facing a mental block, it is best to take action early on to prevent these things happening. 

So how do you overcome mental block? Here is a list that may help you get out of it. 

  • Acceptance and Acknowledgment – recognize that you are having a hard time in focusing. 
  • Breakdown possible reasons for mental block 
  • Make active decisions – making active decisions can help you plan out future tasks.
  • Change your environment – whether it’s re-organizing your work space or working at a different part of your room, it’s best to change locations once in a while.
  • Revisit past experiences – with past experiences, comes memories. This can also bring many ideas!