The Best Phone Systems For A Small business

Best Phone Systems For A Small business

Best Phone Systems For A Small business

In today’s business world, a modern communication system is vital for survival and growth. Small businesses that use business phone systems such as Voice over Internet Protocol(VOIP)  are able to provide high-end services, which in turn leads to better customer satisfaction. Read along to get familiar with some of the finest small business phone systems.

  1. Nextiva

It is a cloud-hosted unified communication system. Business owners can use its in-built CRM services to increase sales and improve customer service. Nextiva also offers admirable phone services through features like HD voice, auto-attendants, voicemail transcription, call groups, and many more. It’s collaboration tools such as online fax services, video conferencing (up to 250 participants at once), and team messaging are quite useful. This business phone system offers security to the users through call encryption.

The Nextiva Company conducts systematic audits and monitors call history to protect its customers from fraud. It has major four service plans that are affordable and loaded with features:

  1. Essential: approximately up to $30 per user each month.
  2. Professional: up to $35 per user each month
  3. Enterprise: up to $45 per user each month
  4. Ultimate: up to $75 per user each month

For small-scale and developing businesses, the essential plan is the best choice. With it, you can send unlimited internet faxes and receive customer support. You can save money by choosing an annual plan rather than a monthly one.

  1. Grasshopper

It is a phone service intended to provide professional edges to remote workers, unaccompanied entrepreneurs, and small companies. It enables users to operate their phone system with the help of an app . There is an extension for every member and a dedicated phone number for the company

The three major service plans are:

Solo: 1 phone number and three extensions at $ 29 per month.

Partner: 3 phone numbers and six extensions at $49 per month.

Small Business: It includes five phone numbers with unlimited extensions and costs $89 per month.

You can also get additional numbers by paying an extra $10 a month.

  1. 8 ×8

It is suitable for small businesses, such as those with less than ten employees. This phone system is easy to set up and maintain, as it does not require a dedicated IT personnel. The significant features of the 8×8 phone system include call forwarding, transferring, waiting, three-way calling, calling bridge ( up to 50 participants )and automated attendants. Apart from these, other excellent features this system provides to small businesses are chat tools, programs like Google Workspace, Office 365, and customer support.

The basic Express plan is $12 per user each month and includes aspects like voicemail, company chat, and video conferencing. The other plans range from $24 to $57 per user each month for small companies. The costlier options provide added capabilities consisting of international calling, CRM integrations, and some contact center tools.

  1. RingCentral

This is a cloud-hosted phone system. It needs access to a high-speed connection like DSL or fiber optic, and the company provides implementation experts to install it.

Their business phone system consists of all the standard business calls functionality such as unlimited calling, caller ID, call waiting, video meetings with screen sharing, Dropbox, and other services. The Essentials plan supports ten users and costs $19.99 for each user per month if you pay the bill annually.

RingCentral is a popular VOIP platform and has an extensive app integration directory. Additionally, you can connect with other services such as automatic transcription, real-time analytics, voice-over call recording, and support help desk software to create a combined customer contact center.

  1. Dialpad

Dialpad is a great choice, especially for businesses with a low budget. It’s voice intelligence technology offers new insights into calls, as it can understand the conversation. This service offers on-call coaching based on the speaker’s keywords or phrases.

Dialpad offers features like video conferencing service and Uberconference, by which you can host conferences with up to 10 participants for 45 minutes. The Uberconference Business plan costs just $15 per user per month.

Apart from the systems mentioned above, many other business phone systems are available for small businesses. You must choose the best by considering the system types, features, cost, and the customer’s expectations. A small business phone system is a secure way to conduct business as the providers give secure networks, encryption, and modern IPs.