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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Our company has been working on the market for several years helping to organize business processes for customers in such a way that the company reaches payback and starts generating income in the first months after the upgrade. Our best microsoft office 365 services guarantee each customer only high-quality work, a convenient algorithm for interacting with servers, as well as the most efficient management of your projects. We are focused on the result. Our customers see positive dynamics within 3 weeks after the signing of the contract.

Why should you become an Avenga customer?

Numerous customers turn to us for services, as we offer them the following advantages, compared to most competitors in the market:

  • The software loaded in the programmable SharePoint virtual environment, which is under the full control of Avenga, has already been read by more than 300,000 customers worldwide. We can manage your business projects remotely, which ensures the comfort of working with us.
  • Our cloud storage and remote software are loaded onto over 120 latest-generation servers, each managed by our team.
  • More than 150 highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of business process management, mainly in IT technologies, as well as banking analytics and the financial sector, are officially employed in our company.
  • Although we provide services in strict accordance with recognized international standards in this area, we are also ready to provide an individual approach to each customer and take into account all the specifics of a particular business to improve the quality of the result.

Each of our customers is satisfied with our cooperation with us and leaves only positive feedback about us on independent forums on the net.

Algorithm for working with Avenga

When any customer contacts our company, we provide Microsoft Office 365 services following this flow chart:

  • The client decides to apply to us for the service. To do this, you need to go to our official website, go to the contacts section and write us a letter using the feedback form indicating your return with an email address.
  • After reading the letter during business hours, our customer service staff will immediately contact the customer within 1 – 2 hours to provide detailed and free advice, answer questions of interest and agree on a convenient time to meet with our team.
  • During a meeting with technical specialists and personnel responsible for the financial side of the issue, a brainstorming session takes place. Specialists analyze the wishes of the customer, as a result of which, a technical task is jointly drawn up, which forms the basis of the estimate and the contract for the provision of services. This preparatory work can take from 4 to 7 days.
  • After discussing the details and subsequent steps of mutually beneficial interaction, the specialists map out a contract, calculate the estimate, determine the final cost of the services, and then provide it for approval to the new customer. Contractual price negotiation will be an integral part of the cooperation with the customer.
  • When the contract is signed, specialists of different profiles get to work, creating and providing a daily or weekly report to the customer with an intermediate result. The service is considered rendered only when the customer receives the full result and is satisfied.

If the customer has non-standard wishes or specific requirements, we are ready to provide a flexible approach to solving his issue and always adjust the above algorithm to achieve the highest quality result in the shortest possible time and not lose sight of important details.

How are we working?

Our company Avenga is one of the market leaders in business process management. We adopt only the latest developments and all the features of Microsoft 365 both coded and anonymous. This allows us to design almost any ecosystem and select the necessary tools to improve the efficiency of business processes for the client.

The strategy, goals, and objectives of Microsoft 365 are to analyze the effectiveness of the customer’s current business processes to identify weaknesses. With this software, every workspace is offered digitally, which subsequently leads to an increase in labor productivity, as well as an inevitable profit drive.

Microsoft 365 is a complex technology that requires continuous implementation to effectively manage business processes and fully automate the workspace in a customer-owned or controlled company. We develop an individual strategic plan for each client and strictly adhere to it until the end of the project. Also, for each client, we offer a flexible approach. We realistically assess our strengths and forthcoming labor costs, which leads to the registration of an individual price that will be commercially beneficial to both parties to the contract.

We can provide the customer with a choice of both a ready-made Microsoft 365 software product and an operating environment with an editable workspace. This allows the specialized employees of the customer company, who have the skills to work with this software, to create a digitized working environment both for the current and long-term plans of the enterprise. Thus, the customer receives a universal tool for use, which will empower them to independently adjust the method of managing the program code and business processes, according to the constantly changing market.

If necessary, we provide technical online support to our customers through the feedback form on the site or through the exchange of letters by email. On-duty specialists work 24/7, ready to answer any question of the customer, as well as offer a solution to the most difficult problem.

What does the customer get when ordering Microsoft Office 365 services?

Here are several competitive advantages that come along with the cooperation with Avenga :

  • There is an inevitable gradual digitization of the workspace of each employee of the customer company using the latest advanced tools and capabilities of Microsoft Office 365.
  • The convenient architecture of the program code provides the possibility of unlimited scaling of the algorithm, along with the growth and development of the customer’s business.
  • When implementing Microsoft Office 365, the customer’s business works without interruption, which does not affect profit in any way.
  • We guarantee complete security, data backup, and server connection to cloud storage, which eliminates the risk of data theft or other cyber hazards.

We guarantee almost instant improvement and optimization of your business, without risks and high financial costs: contact us today.