The 7 Best Business VoIP Phone Service Options to Consider

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phone systems are cheaper and easier to install than traditional landlines. You can use your mobile phone to set up VoIP services in minutes. Your business doesn’t have to be limited to fixed physical phone systems; you can reach out to business VoIP providers to help you access the best VoIP services that will enable you to make calls using your desktop or mobile phone with your business number.

You can also receive customers’ incoming calls – even if you’ve installed a private or different phone number. If you’re not sure what VoIP service options to contact, read on; in this article, we’ve listed the seven best VoIP phone services for your business.


Nextiva offers the best and the most reliable VoIP services in the market. Furthermore, you don’t require an annual contract to access their services. They provide incredible features including, auto-attend, unlimited online faxing, improved call management, unlimited calling, etc. You’ll also access a toll-free contact at no charge with any of their plans.

Nextiva’s customer service is highly professional and knowledgeable, and you can always contact them in case of any challenge. It is ideal for small businesses, startups, professionals, mid-level businesses, and established businesses.

Their pricing starts from 19.95 US dollars monthly per user. is one of the cheapest VoIP service providers for growing businesses and the best all-around VoIP phone system. It offers several features: call waiting for service, caller ID, text messaging, voicemail, and call forwarding. also offers at least one local or toll-free contact with their plans. This is very beneficial to your business as clients can reach out to you free of charge.

It offers cost-effective plans ranging from 12.99 US dollars monthly; however, the basic plan has a limit of 3000 SMS and 300 minutes.  If you want to increase the limit, you might need to go for a higher plan.


RingCentral is a solid yet straightforward VoIP system. If you intend to create a startup or manage a large business, RingCentral has great features for you. You can opt for their secure, hassle-free, and reliable online phone services.

It only takes a few minutes to install and activate RingCentral services, and you can always get in touch with their experts in case you’re stuck. It comes with different features including, call routing, call forwarding, automatic call recording, screen sharing, video meetings conferencing, and call monitoring.

Also, you can incorporate third-party apps to it and other services like Google Drive, Zapier, Dropbox, Office365, and Salesforce, among others.

The pricing ranges from 39.99 US dollars per month depending on the number of users. You can opt for an annual payment to cut up to 33% of expenses.


Vonage offers plug and plans VoIP to small businesses. All you need is reliable internet to use their services. In Canada and the US, Vonage offers unlimited calling, and you can easily connect your business contact to your cell phone through the iOS or Android app.

It also comes with more than 40 VoIP features, including do not disturb, voicemail to email, call blocking, call screening, file sharing, and caller ID, among others.

Vonage pricing starts from 19.99 US dollars exclusive of tax and other charges, and there are limited features to their basic plans. You’ll have to upgrade to a higher plan to access all their phone features.


Voiceshot is an ideal VoIP provider for startups, and you need no contract to access their service. Its basic option has a limitation of 400 minutes monthly, and you’ll have to opt for a higher plan if you want to increase the limit.

Besides auto-attendant response to calls, it offers other features, including toll-free contacts, call forwarding, caller ID, scheduled greetings, music on hold, and call transfer.

The pricing starts from $12 monthly.


Grasshopper is among the best virtual phone systems and VoIP phone service providers in the market. You can use their services whether you’re starting up or operating a stable small business.

It comes with several features, including call control, incoming call control, simultaneous call handling, custom greeting, voicemail, and VoIP calling with each of their plans.

If you want to make outgoing calls, you can use their desktop and mobile apps, and unlike, there’s no limitation on the number of call minutes.

Its charges start from $ 29 and offer a free trial.

Ooma Office Phone

Ooma is an ideal VoIP service provider for small businesses. Once you sign up, they automatically select a toll-free contact for you, but you’re free to choose a new one whenever you want. It is incredible because you can add an extra number to any of their plans.

Ooma Office Phone is easy to install and comes with great features, including extension dialing, virtual receptionist, mobile phone apps, and call queues on-hold music.

Its pricing starts from $ 19.95 per month.