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There are few people who have never heard of Teresa Fidalgo, a story that has become an urban legend and that you yourself will have to determine if it is real or not from the information we offer you. In addition, we will also talk about other ghosts that reappear on the roads. Reality or just urban legend? We tell you all about Teresa Fidalgo’s real story.




In the story of Teresa Fidalgo, we moved up the road from Sintra in Portugal, where its history is more than known by all that has happened after his death. It all started in 1983 when Teresa Fidalgo died in a traffic accident on the aforementioned highway, Sintra. After her death, there have been many people who have claimed to see her at that point but only one event is what made this ghost truly popular, not only among the Portuguese but throughout the world.

In 1988, five years after the death of Teresa Fidalgo, three teenagers (Tiago, David, and Tania) were driving to a party, a journey that was supposed to be quiet and, in reality, they could never have imagined what that day they were going to experience.

Previously, David had been given a video camera so he was recording and testing the camera that contained infrared throughout the journey. He was sitting in the back of the car and on the way, they came across an image of a white lady who was on the road, they continued the journey for a few moments but then they turned around to see what they had just about to see. Perhaps an illusion, a person who needed help … But they would never have thought that that person was Teresa Fidalgo.

When they returned to the back, they stopped next to her and invited her to get into the car to take her somewhere, Teresa Fidalgo got into the vehicle while David continued recording. She introduced herself and said her name was Teresa and, after a few minutes when everything seemed to be calm, Teresa told them “There, look there is where I had an accident and died. ”

It is not difficult to imagine how they had to feel when they heard that phrase from a girl who was dressed in white and with a somewhat unique appearance. Teresa Fidalgo began to scream and, we can imagine that out of panic, these three teenagers suffered another traffic accident at the same point on the road.

In this accident Tiago and Tania died, David was the only survivor and one of the most relevant aspects is that the camera continued recording while the whole event was taking place, there was physical proof of everything they had just experienced, a terrifying testimony.

As you can imagine, the police traveled to the scene to investigate what had happened, what was the true cause of the accident. Unquestionably, the police questioned David to find out what his testimony was about the accident, what had happened to have such a tragic outcome, and he told his truth.

He reported that there was a fourth person in the vehicle who went by the name of Teresa, but despite the fact that the police were looking around the accident, the body of a fourth person was never found. But one aspect that is important is that the police found out that 5 years ago, at that same point, a woman named Teresa Fidalgo had died and this meant that the news was the most talked about throughout the country.

Some say it is true because it is proven by the video that he recorded during the journey and the accident and that the police confiscated. But hey, it is also important to say that the video was shot by David, one of those involved in the subject, who is a filmmaker. The video is surely false, it is a recreation of the urban novel of the hitchhiker, it belongs to a short film called The curve, of which there are a short version and others a little longer. Even so, the video impresses the viewer, since it exploits a type of urban legend that we have all heard.

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Teresa Fidalgo’s story has many points in common with other ghost stories around the world. In fact, those who work on this issue combine them within the category they call ” road ghosts ” or ” road ghosts “, and within it, the most common variety is the ” ghost and hitchhiker “. These apparitions have been recorded for centuries throughout the world and there are records dating back even to the Middle Ages in Japan.

There are actually hundreds of recorded examples. But we have chosen one that particularly caught our attention. On the outskirts of the Argentine city of Paraná, a bus circulated along the route. It was the middle of the morning, so it was out of service and only the driver and a companion were on it.

As they relate, both suddenly saw a young blonde approaching from the back of the vehicle. His eyes were red, his hair was disheveled and he carried a very bad smell. In his hand was a bag … he approached the men and opened the bag where there was a human head inside the bag. She asked: what was the end of the tour. Shortly after, he suddenly disappeared at a crossroads, a short distance from the San Benito Cemetery.

Another type of road ghost is “pedestrians” who are walking or recklessly appearing in the middle of the road. One of the most famous examples of this is the Spirit of Blue Bell Hill, in Kent, England, attributed to the shadow of a young woman who died in a traffic accident in 1965.

Of course, here in Spain, we are not immune to these ghostly phenomena on our roads. In Tarragona, on the road that passes by the Los Alfaques campsite, the specters of some of the victims of a tragic fire that in 1978 killed 243 tourists have been seen.

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Legends of ghostly apparitions on the roads exist in almost any culture. Surely it will have a double psychological or social reading, a reason why roads are a source of myths and urban legends, some of them terrifying. Is it the fear of advancing on the path of life? The fear of not knowing what we can find in the future and what could make us lose control?

Be that as it may, there are very varied legends. Although the most common is that of the ” girl on the curve .” The details may vary depending on where it is told, but the story always has several points in common: a single person or a couple drives by car at night on a secondary road and, at the foot of a curve, a woman appears with a white dress. At this time the details change according to the legend, but the most common one says that if you catch the hitchhiker, there will come a time when she will say something like “that’s where I killed myself” or a similar lapidary phrase. Then the driver loses control of the vehicle and crashes.

For example, very similar to this legend is that of a woman from Zihuatanejo (Mexico) who, according to legend, died beheaded on a journey on the highway that goes from Cárdenas-to Zihuatanejo. The people of the place affirm that since then the specter of a woman can be seen on the road and that she is capable of making those who pass by her lose control of the vehicle.

But there are not only ghostly apparitions on roads, but there are roads that are a ghostly entity in themselves. This is the case of the road that connects Bremen with Bremerhaven, which, more than being a ghost road, seems to have strange powers.

The highway was inaugurated in 1929 and during the first year, there were more than 100 accidents. The strangest thing of all is that all the accidents occurred at the same point, Km. 239 which, to make everything a little more inexplicable, was a totally straight stretch of road.

The local farmers began to create stories about a demon, a supernatural entity that had possessed the area. Several experts visited the site and concluded that there must be some kind of magnetic force at the site causing the accidents. This was proven when the iron rod one of them was holding shot out of their hands when they reached a specific point on the road: the place where accidents occurred.

The solution was to bury a copper box that countered the magnetic energy. From that moment on, accidents stopped. However, the mechanism they buried caused a deflection in the magnetic waves, which began to interfere with the telephone signals. This further convinced the locals that an entity had taken over the place and that its power was so great that it was already able to control the waves and manifest themselves through the telephone.


The urban legends of ghosts on the road like that of Teresa Fidalgo are very common in the collective imagination of many cultures. The fact is that they are stories that everyone knows and that, for some reason, have the ability to make the hair stand on end, even those of those who do not believe in these stories. Try driving at night on a lonely road listening to a tale of road ghosts.

Perhaps the origin of these ghosts is in the long journeys into the unknown that our ancestors made, without knowing very well what their destination was and what they were going to find there. The conquest of new lands always brought surprises during the trip, and the appearance of other “ghosts”, such as the nostalgia of the family.

Insecurity, fear of the unknown surely also influence the creation of these types of stories, even superstition. It could be that in some areas these stories were created by peoples unhappy with the “invasion” of the highways and the tragedies that occurred on them.

However, we believe that the fundamental origin is in the suggestion of the individual. In a way, we like to be scared and make others fear it. The situation of a person alone in the car, at night, on a lonely road, with no one around who can “help”, is disturbing enough to include a ghost in that set.




In this type of stories, legends or myths, whatever you want, there are always some common places, some topics that are always repeated and that are already in the collective imagination of the whole world.

  • A single person or a couple usually travels.
  • They always drive at night, and there is no one other than them on the road.
  • There is a ghostly looking girl who appears on the shoulder of the road in a white dress.
  • The girl always looks angelic and seems to have been taken from a Frigo freezer, she has less expressiveness than Nicole Kidman after kilos of botox.
  • Someone died on that stretch of road sometime in the past or a tragedy occurred in the vicinity.
  • The victims die without the police or the locals being able to explain what happened.

This can make you think that they are “scripted” stories, so to speak, in the manner of tales or stories that serve the purpose of being scary.


In Spain and also outside of it, if we start looking, there are a plurality of roads in which we can find stories that border on the inexplicable. Ghostly appearances, not only of girls dressed in white but even the appearance of a nun. This occurs in Milan, in Italy, where they say that a nun appears warning that an earthquake will destroy the city on February 27. The most superstitious are still waiting and looking with dread at the calendar when this month of the year approaches, although this appearance was registered for the first time a few decades ago, specifically in 1977.

Without leaving Europe, we come across another hot spot, which is right on the M6 road in England. Here the appearance of another woman is recorded, although in this case, she does it dressed as a bride. If we go to Switzerland, we have to make a stop at the Belchen tunnel, where an old woman dressed in white crosses the road.

While in Germany, we went to Beltre Heilstätten, where there is an abandoned sanatorium that is full of amazing stories. Here we do not limit ourselves to witnessing impossible appearances, but they also tell us that other kinds of phenomena are experienced such as changes in temperature and, what is more unusual, changes or jumps in time.

And if you want to die of fear while traveling by car, you cannot stop going to Russia, and go through the Kolyma highway. In the Oimiakón area, there are chilling stories about the terrifying (real) experiences that slaves had to live during the Stalin dictatorship. It is stated that these, while they were working building the road, allowed themselves to die of cold and hunger, before very extreme temperatures. It is officially established that this road, which by the way is abandoned today, is built on the corpses of the slaves.

In Spain, there are no shortage of interesting points, or feared, depending on how you look at it, were to witness these apparitions. We can cite, for example, the A-472, between Seville and Sanlucar la Mayor, where a girl appears dressed in a red jacket (as we see, they are not always dressed in white); a dark-haired woman appears on the AS-17, between Mengollo and Blimey.

In Extremadura, between the towns of Peraleda de la Mata and Torviscoso, a girl can be seen ghostly appearing carrying a rosary in her hand. Also, children, although many, hundreds and dressed in school uniforms, are seen suddenly appearing and disappearing across the road on the A-360, from Seville to Morón de la Frontera.

Taller, at more than 1.90 meters, it is the ghost that they say they have seen on the A-457, between Lora del Río and Carmona. While we can also include in our list of roads where ghost visions have occurred, the EX-370, between Pozuelo de Zarzón and Monterhermoso. If you are reading this post and you live near any of these places, be very careful while driving.


Here you have the short film that we mentioned in the story of Teresa Fidalgo and that is based on her “story”. The truth is that it is a short film to use, about 3 minutes long in which you will not need to understand anything. Its quality is quite limited, but hey, someone or some will be a good scare.

And you, what do you think of these ghost stories? Do you think they are all false or that there may be some, even just one, that may be true?


Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo’s story is not true because it is just a fictional character, which was created by one of a famous director called David Roberdão.

How did teresa fidalgo die?

Teresa Fidalgo didn’t die on a mountain road and this is a fake story that she is going to kill you.

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