Teaching English in China – Shanghai Vs Shenzhen

Teaching English in China - Shanghai Vs Shenzhen

Teaching English in China – Shanghai Vs Shenzhen

Teaching English in China has proved beneficial for most teachers. It is not only a life-changing opportunity, but it is also an opportunity to experience a different culture, expand your network, and do what matters most – helping your students.

Over the past decade, the Chinese education system has served as the most extensive state-run system globally. Recently, this education system has undergone tough reforms. Still, teaching jobs in China are on the rise.

For instance, as of October 28, 2021, TopTutorJob had over 500 teaching jobs posted ready for grabs.

Even though teaching English in China offers a lot of great perks for teachers, the experience within different cities may significantly differ. This article will focus on the experiences, expectations, and realities of teaching English in two major cities – Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The Must-Know About Shanghai.

Shanghai is also known as “The Pearl of Asia.” Others like to refer to it as “The Paris of the East.” This city is known for its establishment in commerce and an international destination for most teachers of English.

Life in Shanghai allows you to experience several architectural designs such as  Art Deco. This beautiful city is famous for its Lujiazui skyline, museums, and historic buildings such as the City God Temple, Yu Garden, and the China Pavilion.

Did you know that teaching English in Shanghai gives you the chance to experience life in the world’s largest city? Its population stands at 23.4 million people. With such a vast population, Shanghai has progressively seen a steady growth rate both financially and culturally. It is the core of most international companies in China.

Culturally, Shanghai embraces diversity and is a hub of different cultures that support a multitude of fashion, art & design, and cuisines. These factors lay the best foundation for teaching English in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s weather patterns constitute a humid subtropical climate. The winters are cold, with temperatures dropping to below zero, while the Spring is comfortable, with temperatures settling at +15. The summer is hot and wet, whereas the fall sees sunny and dry weather.

Advantages of Teaching English in Shanghai.

Outstanding salaries, housing, insurance, and other perks are always a great catch for teachers who move to China. Fortunately, there are more than these fantastic deals. Here are four other reasons why teaching English in Shanghai is a great experience;

1. Shanghai is a transportation powerhouse.

Shanghai is home to the longest metro system in the world. It serves 393 stations across the city via significant attractions, which makes it convenient to navigate. While you enjoy the teaching experience, this metro system gives you the flexibility to utilize your free time visiting different places within a short time. For example, using the metro system would work well during the Golden Week.

2. Shanghai supports an extraordinary blend of history and modernity.

The blending of different cultures dates back to when Shanghai was a colonial territory. Many Chinese locals lived in the concessions when there was a division of British, US, and French concessions. This facilitated the blending. As years have passed and  Shanghai has experienced growth, the mixture between its history and current trends blends exceptionally.

3. Shanghai has beautiful tourist attractions.

Life in Shanghai won’t ever be boring. Attractions such as the French concession allow you to experience colonial architecture, shop, snack and enjoy modern art.

4. Shanghai is home to different cultures.

Landing in Shanghai means joining millions of other cultures. This gives you the exposure to learn some self-awareness while enjoying teaching. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to see and try different fashions, foods, and art.

The Must-Know About Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is a city in China located between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It is an extensive electronics manufacturing and export centre that has significantly developed over a short period – 40 years.

Shenzhen’s weather is humid, with a subtropical climate. This city experiences scorching summers and mild sunny winters. The air quality in Shenzhen is superb due to the erratic weather at the coastal marine, which keeps the pollution away.

The transportation system in Shenzhen is well developed, and the quick and reliable transport system will exceed your expectations for good transport. For example, the Shenzhen – Hong Kong speed train allows you to move across borders conveniently.

Advantages of Teaching English In Shenzhen.

Like most cities in China, Shenzhen values and treats foreign teachers with the utmost respect. Some of the advantages of teaching English in Shenzhen include;

1. Great salaries.

Teaching jobs in China have a good reputation. Schools in Shenzhen are not an exception. English teachers in Shenzhen have enjoyed some of the most excellent salary perks averaging 25,000 RMB/month. Schools have achieved such statuses by offering outstanding salaries to new and existing international teachers.

2. Shenzhen is China’s richest city.

The opportunity to teach in Shenzhen offers you a chance to live in China’s fastest-growing cities. Over the past four decades, this city has seen significant growth. Skyscrapers and ancient relics, among other developments, are a few of the numerous transitions from mudflats to a megacity. You will want to be part of this transformation.

3. You get a flexible teaching schedule.

As an English teacher in Shenzhen, you’ll have the flexibility to prep and teach for up to 25 hrs a week. Many institutions value international English teachers. These teachers usually get two days off every week. This gives room for you to explore and learn more about the city.

4. There is housing provided.

After every document has been processed and you meet all the qualifications to land in Shenzhen, be sure to be given a flight allowance, pick up from the airport, and most importantly, have great housing provided to you. This allows you to save more while you spend less on other adventures in Shenzhen. The quality of life in Shenzhen is affordable compared to western countries.

Conclusion & General Requirements to Remember.

Before settling for a teaching job in Shanghai and Shenzhen, it would be best to do your research well. There has been a rise of internet scammers who take advantage of innocent people.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to learn about the qualifications to teach English in China. Here is a summary of qualifications;

  1. A bachelor’s degree
  2. TEFL certificate.
  3. Ability to commit to a 12-month contract.
  4. At least two years of teaching experience.
  5. You should be between 25-55 years old.

Teaching English in either of these cities is a good experience, ensuring that having all the government’s documentation and medical requirements is essential. Use this article as a guide to know what to expect teaching in Shanghai and Shenzhen.