Take a Weekend to Travel the Bahamas: Your 2020 destination guide

Importance of Travel and Tourism


While traveling bans in some vacation spots are still a go, the Bahamas has recently reopened commercial flights from Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union. Tourists from these places are allowed entry as long as you guarantee proof of a negative COVID 19 test. Tourists as well should expect an automatic 14-day quarantine for everyone’s safety. 

Nevertheless, the Bahamas is a yearly favorite weekend destination. Known for its pristine sands, deep blue waters, and the amazing weather (don’t forget the swimming pigs), you’re in for a relaxing weekend once you set off to the Bahamas. The tropical archipelago is a hotspot for everyone looking to have fun under the sun. At least 6.6 million people visited the country in 2018, enough to say it’s a crowd favorite. 

Cruise lines are looking to reopen soon this August or further so you best get ready (while looking after your safety) if you’re planning to take a weekend cruise

Head’s Up for First Timers: The Bahamas

What once was a British Colony, the Bahamas became an independent country in 1973. It consists of scattered islands (700 islands in which only 30 is inhabited) and an estimated 2,000 cays – located in the Atlantic and mid-Caribbean. 

There are a variety of activities to consider doing (if you’re only there for the weekend). Lounging in beaches, hiking through national parks and going through Victorian-era buildings, gambling, shopping, or venturing in the world’s oldest Underwater Cave Systems. 

The best time for dipping your toes in the Bahamas sand may prove all year round. Rain passes briefly from May to October, so expect the sun to be shining on you. 

Cruise Lines to Consider?

Cruises usually range from three to seven nights and would usually stop in the Bahamas. For overnight stays, cruise lines offer services from West Palm Beach and back. The three-to-five nighters can be availed and usually leaves from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Port Everglades. If you’re in for week-long vacations, cruises leave from New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans. Although due to recent updates, borders have been shut for US entry. 

Spots to look out for

  • Nassau. Bahamas’ capital city will get your history nerds and sightseers a run for their money. At Paradise Island, you will get a day pass to make friends with dolphins, find souvenirs on sale, or roam the dungeons in the 18th century Fort Charlotte. 
  • Private Islands. Cruise lines usually include private islands on their stop. Generally, they offer free buffets, play areas, horseback rides, and pristine beaches. 

What to Pack

Don’t go overboard and pack only the essentials. The spots you’re mostly heading to are beaches, so pack casual clothes, bathing suits, and a whole lot of sunscreen (lip balms with SPF and hats too). Make sure they’re comfortable clothes and bring sandals to wear while roaming around. 

Lastly, stay safe. With possible risks of COVID on hand, make sure you bring sanitizers and masks. Awareness is the key. Don’t travel alone at night, leave your valuables on board. 

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