Suffering from Asthma – How to keep your Symptoms Under Control?



Today, over 3 million Americans and over 300 million people globally have asthma. It also comprises the leading athletes. Simply put, asthma is a chronic lung disease that can make breathing challenging. Even though you can’t cure asthma by its root, there are ways by which you can live an active, healthy life by bringing asthma under control.

First and foremost, you need to consult a doctor and take your medications. If you want, you can check out the free Flovent coupon. Once you have done that, you can think of implementing a few lifestyle and other changes. Some guidelines that can help you immensely manage your asthma symptoms are:

  1. Know the triggers first and avoid it

The triggers such as irritants and allergens can worsen your asthma symptoms by irritating the airways. Hence, the ideal way to manage your asthma is by identifying your asthma triggers and learning how to avert them.

  1. You need to consume your asthma medication given by the doctor

Several people think that they can do away with the asthma preventer medication as and when they don’t get any symptoms. That is far from the truth. You need to know that asthma is a chronic ailment. That means your body has it, even when you are not feeling the symptoms. It would help if you were managing the symptoms daily and not only on the days when you get to feel the symptoms. Also, research the asthma medications before you use them so that you have the correct know-how.

  1. It would help if you used the inhaler correctly

Every doctor will show you how to use your inhaler correctly so that the medicine can reach the airway. It would help if you asked them to supervise you as you use the device. The healthcare provider can come up with various suggestions on enhancing your process so that the medication can reach the airways.

  1. Don’t smoke and also avert second-hand smoke

If you have asthma and you are smoking, you need to quit smoking at the earliest, to bring down the frequency and severity of the symptoms. When you smoke, it brings down the efficiency of the asthma medication. And if you have asthma and don’t smoke, you need to ensure that you aren’t being a passive smoker as well, as that worsens your symptoms.

  1. Stay fit when you exercise

Daily exercise helps to enhance the breathing muscles. It also boosts the immune system and enables you to keep your body weight balanced. When you exercise in moderation and safely, you ensure that your asthma is within your control.

Last but not least, you should always be in control and find yourself an asthma action plan. The symptoms of asthma can vary. It can worsen or get better based on several things. You should know how to manage your medicines based on the symptoms and the moment to ask for medical help. Make it a point to work in cooperation with an expert healthcare provider to come up with a customized asthma action plan that you can follow.