Study Tips To Score Highest Marks In class 8 English Exam!

Score Highest Marks In class 8 English Exam

Score Highest Marks In class 8 English Exam

English is one of the simplest yet important subjects. It is the only subject that you use throughout your life for communication purposes. It is crucial to not only have professional fluency in this subject, but also good foundational knowledge about it. However, a lot of students don’t pay attention to this subject which results in a low overall grade. Here are some preparation and study tips that might help you score the highest marks in your class 8 English exam:

  1. Start preparing early – Many students study English one day before the exam. This leads to them scoring badly. Instead of preparing on the last day, start your preparation ahead of time to be stress-free and score well in the exam. This ensures that everything is covered, and you won’t have to give the exam with insufficient preparation. This will not only relieve stress but also lead you to score really well in your English exam.
  2. Accept the importance of the subject – The English language is the only language that will be used by you throughout your life. All the senior secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are taught in English. Hence, it is important to consider it as a significant subject. It is used and accepted worldwide and has numerous benefits. Try not to ignore this subject, otherwise, you will struggle during your higher education. The English language plays a big role in work life as well. Understand these facts and try to take the subject seriously.
  3. Try to speak in English – Speaking and conversing in English will improve your speaking skills. Try to talk to your family members and friends in English. This will improve your fluency and you will understand the tones of the statements. It will also help you realise how easy it is once you get a hold of it. You will recognise your mistakes and improve by practising daily.
  4. Work on your English language by reading – Try to read novels, books, and newspapers so that you can learn about the proper ways of writing. Reading can help you identify the use of language to depict or illustrate situations and characters beautifully. This skill is extremely important while writing articles, debates, stories or reports during the examination. If you start reading more, you will be able to think more creatively. You can then put those thoughts in words and frame your content around them. Your ability to think creatively will get you higher marks in your examination because innovation is always preferred. Not only will it improve your vocabulary, but also help you write simpler yet perfect answers. So, try to read as much as you can before your examination to score better marks.
  5. Focus more on grammar – Most students tend to ignore studying English grammar, thinking it is tough. On the contrary, the grammar section can be one of the most scoring areas in the English exam, if you prepare well. Try to focus more on grammar lessons since you need to apply them while you write your answers. Grammatical errors in your answers will lead to your marks getting cut. You can take help from online lessons or books to boost your grammar knowledge. Try to write all the lessons in your classroom and go through them properly and one by one. Try to understand the concepts. Make sure that you write all your doubts in one place and then get them cleared by your teacher.
  6. Understand and not memorise – Try to understand your English chapters, instead of mugging them up. This will help you understand the tone of the chapters and you will not forget the basics while giving the examination. Memorising concepts is a temporary solution that might not always work since questions can always be modified. Try to devote time to understand the fundamentals of your lessons and then frame your answers revolving around those concepts. Make sure that you work on your vocabulary and grammar as this helps you form answers easily.
  7. Improve writing skillsĀ  – Work on improving your writing skills as this section carries the most marks. Try to practice the formats used in different sections of writing skills as students tend to forget the layout. Devote time to sections such as letter writing, notice writing and report writing as these are scoring. Try to write in neat and legible handwriting as representation matters too. Make use of paragraphs and spacings so that your answer looks well drafted. Keep your answers as simple as possible and don’t complicate things.
  8. Work on time management – According to studies, many students struggle to finish their English exam papers on time due to their inability to manage their time effectively. To work on this, utilise your free time and solve different question papers. Set a timer to increase your writing speed. Make the most of your school’s leisure periods to improve your writing abilities. Spend a significant amount of time studying and taking notes on your own. Not only will this save you time but also assist you in understanding the concepts better. If you want to get full marks on your exams, try to study for more than 8 hours per day.

With these simple yet helpful tips, you will be able to score higher and better marks in your class 8th English paper. All the best!

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