Strategies to Reach Your Target Audience: Selling T-shirts Online



You have decided to sell t-shirts online and you can’t wait to get started. You need someone to print and store your shirts and you need a way to market them. You also need to know how to sell the shirts online without having to pay a lot of money for advertising.

Selling products online is all about targeting your audience. Think about the audience you want to sell your shirt to before you ever put pen to paper. Widdle down your audience to a very specific group of people. The more narrow your audience, the easier it will be to target them.

Examples of Narrowing a Customer Segment

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you are designing your t-shirt.

1. Who will wear your shirt?

The first thing you should think about is the demographic that will appreciate your shirt. Is the shirt specifically for men or women? Will one generation be more inclined to buy your shirt than another? For example, if you make a shirt expressing frustration with millennials, it is unlikely that millennials will buy it.

Once you have decided who the shirt will appeal to in general, you can narrow the audience down even further. If you are making your shirt for fans of a certain movie, you may want to make it for fans of a specific character in that movie. Find out why they like that character and target your shirt to them.

2. What will your customer want from the shirt?

Ask yourself what kind of emotions your shirt should bring about in your potential customers. Would they rather have a funny shirt or one that is inspirational?

3. Are they buying the shirt for themselves or someone else?

Michael Scott on The Office famously bought himself a “World’s Best Boss” cup. However, most people will not do that. Consider who they are buying the shirt for and the occasion for which they will buy it.

What Colors Do You Want to Use?’

Anyone who works in advertising can tell you that colors are very important. Are you making a shirt that is supposed to evoke hunger? If you are, use red and yellow. It makes people think of catsup and mustard. If you want to make someone trust the wearer of the shirt, you should consider using blue. 

Choose a Great Printing Company

The best way to create a t-shirt nowadays is to use an on-demand printer online. You will create your design, upload it to their website, and pick the style and color of the shirt on which it will appear. You can Click here for more information.

Create an Online Store

Once you have created your shirt, you will need a place to sell it. There are a few different e-commerce platforms where you can do this. You should consider your audience when choosing a platform. For instance, Esty tends to appeal to people who like arts and crafts and homemade things. Shopify is popular with middle-aged people.

Advertise your Shirts

Advertising is where targeting your audience is the most important. You probably already know that you can display your shirt on social media. However, you may not know where you should show off your shirt.

It is not enough to just display a shirt on your social media pages, you need to make sure your audience will see it. If your shirt is for fans of the movie Scarface, you should join a Facebook group for Scarface fans. If you are making a shirt for Christians, hashtag Christianity, Jesus, and religion on Twitter.

Pinterest is a great and often overlooked platform where you can display pictures of your shirt. You should create boards that are specific to your target audience. Narrow your focus as much as possible. For example, if you are making feminist-themed shirts, you should have several boards; one that focuses on empowering young women, another that focuses on more mature ladies, and still another that focuses on recently divorced women.

Creating your own shirt can be fun. If you know how to reach your target-audience, you might have a whole new career on your hands.