8 Steps To Build Out Your Real Estate Mobile & Text Message Marketing Strategy

Text Message

Text Message

Buying real estate is one of the biggest purchases in most people’s lives. The cycle of a real estate transaction is certainly a long-term process that depends on many factors, including both personal goals and interests as well as socio-economic concerns. Therefore, when developing a marketing strategy for a real estate agency, it is important to pay attention to building a positive image and brand credibility for the company, as well as raising awareness among their clients. Today we would like to tell you about one of the most effective methods of promotion in the field of real estate, namely text marketing or as it is also called SMS marketing.

It is crucial for real estate businesses to establish a relationship with their clients, both before the sale, or purchase of real estate and while providing post-sale services. Mobile marketing is particularly helpful for establishing a trustworthy communication channel and helping the client save their time by getting automatic notifications of a new property or a price change. As a result, mobile solutions, and SMS text marketing in particular, are fantastic for this type of businesses, and may be extremely helpful for text message marketing for real estate agents as well.

What is SMS marketing?

It is also worth saying exactly what SMS marketing is and how it differs from the email one. sms marketing service is a promotion of a company’s products or services through short text messages, which refer to the services of mobile operators. Text SMS marketing builds communication with the client by:

  • Selling through advertisements, promotions, and special deals.
  • Notifying customers on their purchases, any changes to the tariffs, and deal-related reminders.
  • Inviting prospective clients to take part in corporate activities or to share their thoughts about the company.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of SMS marketing for real estate?

Let’s imagine that you are a client of a real estate agency and you want to buy an apartment, but you are a full-day working person and you don’t have extra time to look for new offers on the website. However, if you receive an SMS message with a new offer, you can immediately see the option of housing, which the agency has picked up according to your needs. In this way it saves not only time but effort.

How do I start creating a SMS marketing strategy?

What remains to be known is how to build an effective text for info real estate marketing and we suggest you get acquainted with the eight-point plan.

  1. Set a goal

No strategy can exist without goals. Think about what you’re pursuing with your mailing list, outline a few key goals, and don’t forget to map out additional milestones. What exactly do you want to accomplish with your texting: draw people’s attention to your site, let them know about new real estate offers, or maybe to remind them about some event.

  1. Create a portrait of the customer

Create a so-called portrait of the recipient of your messages. You can make a separate file in which you will gather the characteristics of your target audience. Take into account their age, status, income level.

  1. Adjust recipient addressing

Sending text messages to everyone is one thing, but segmenting your customers based on the criteria that makes sense for you is completely different. Highlight the segmentation attributes you’re interested in and enter the relevant information into your sms program.

  1. Set the time interval for messages

There are no universal approaches, because every business has its own specifics. Some companies send SMS once every few weeks, while others send them several times a day. Therefore, establish an optimal frequency for your customers by testing different modes.

  1. Draft a message plan

You need to make a plan, which you can stick to send messages to your customers. The main goal is to keep your potential customer informed of new real estate listings, recent listings, and other promotions. By making a schedule of messages, you can automate the process.

  1. Use SMS templates

We recommend you to think of the wording of your first message, as they should be composed and thought through thoroughly in advance. After all, in text messages, every symbol matters. These can also include templates for your messages, in which the only thing that will change is the details of the proposal.

  1. Provide feedback

Since most people miss this essential aspect, many text messages can seem more like an annoying advertisement. However, here in text marketing for real estate, the main task is not only to inform the client, but also to give him feedback. Be sure to indicate where it is possible to contact your service, and be sure to maintain a dialogue.

  1. Add photos

Although you can send a text with written content, you can also add photos of the property in order to attract the attention of potential clients.

What should you write in a message?

Now that you have a strategy for creating a real estate marketing campaign, you can start composing messages. Sales results directly depend on the message’s structure. Here are some suggestions for you on the structure of your messages.

  • Be concise. Keep your text messages under 150 symbols. Make sure you have a clear statement and a well-defined purpose, don’t overwrite it.
  • Be simple. Make sure to check your grammar, though avoid overly formal language, as text messages imply a more relaxed form of communication.
  • Stay unique. The key for getting results when it comes to using text messaging marketing is to personalize each message as much as possible. This way the text message can resemble a personal conversation between an assistant and a customer.

Why is it worth using SMS marketing service?

Often, especially if you have a fairly large real estate company and a lot of clients, it could be quite difficult to start a messaging on your own. In this case, it is worth turning to a SMS marketing company. Thus, they could help you choose a text marketing platform suitable for your company, so that the mailing system was conveniently set up specifically for your clients.

This way, in order to sum everything up, don’t be afraid to try sms marketing for your real estate company. Remember that your goal is to sell, not to try to drive the customer away. Follow the requirements described above, experiment and we assure you the results won’t take long.