Stay Warm This Winter: Try These Tips



Do your hands and toes ever feel like ice cubes? It can be hard to stay warm when the temperatures start to drop. Thankfully, there are easy ways to keep your hands and toes warm on a chilly day.

Ways To Stay Warm

Polar vortexes, blizzards, and other cold weather happenings can be terrible things to experience. They might be some of the worst things people have to deal with, which is why many people are looking for ways to keep a comfortable temperature at home. One great way to do this is with the proper heater installation in your house.

You want to ensure your heater is working correctly. Remember to check the vents and make sure they’re not broken. If they are, get them fixed right away. Make sure the ducts are pointing toward—not away from—the room where you spend most of your day.

Set the Heater Thermostat

You will want to set the heater thermostat to a higher temperature. If you are often cold or have trouble with circulation in your hands and feet, turning up the heat can help.

The problem is that setting the thermostat higher may not create that much warmth in your home, but it’s worth a shot if you’re desperate to get warm.

Other Warming Gadgets

If you’re a fan of warm feet, consider investing in some warming gadgets.

Hot water bottles are a great way to keep your feet warm. You can buy them at most grocery stores, which are relatively inexpensive.

To warm your feet, fill a large bottle with hot tap water, wrap it in a towel, and place it at the end of your bed. Or try electric foot warmers that you can plug into an outlet.

Sleep With Socks

You can achieve warm feet by wearing socks with extra padding inside them like wool or polyester pajamas, as well as slippers that keep your feet comfortable while resting. If you wear socks made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool, you’ll find plenty of air circulating, making them warm even when you’re indoors for extended periods (or if it is icy outside).

Winter Gloves for Your Lifestyle

Wool gloves are excellent for keeping your hands warm and can be machine-washed. Insulated gloves are usually leather, keeping your hands nice and toasty. They’re also waterproof and windproof so that you can wear them in different weather conditions.

You’ll want to wear gloves with a windproof shell if you’re going to be outdoors in the cold. Ensure that your gloves have a waterproof cover or liner so that moisture won’t seep into your fingers, making it hard for them to stay warm.

Spicy Food Will Get You Pumped Up

If your hands, feet, or ears feel chilly, try adding some heat by eating spicy foods. The chemical capsaicin, found in chili peppers, stimulates the release of endorphins, which produce a sensation of warmth. Spicy foods also raise your body temperature, according to researchers.

The next time you have a chill go down your spine and start to shiver—or when those toes start getting cold—reach for something hot and spicy. You’ll be warm in no time.

Hot Drinks That Make You Warm

When it comes to keeping your hands and feet warm, there’s nothing like the feel of a hot beverage. Sip on hot chocolate, cider, or tea, or have a cup of coffee with your favorite friend.

These drinks are not just both delicious and refreshing, but they also open up the blood vessels in your body, which helps you to stay warm.

Exercise Keeps You Active

Exercise is a great way to warm up and keep your blood flowing. If you’re feeling cold, try to engage in an activity that gets your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes.

The best exercise for this purpose is aerobic exercise (like running or swimming) because it helps increase oxygen reaching your muscles and brain—both vital components when trying to stay warm.