Standard of living in Florida

Standard of living in Florida

Standard of living in Florida

Is it a good place to live?

Moving to another city or country is always a big risk. A language barrier, a different way of life, culture and much more does not prevent hundreds of people from changing their place of residence every day. Sunny beaches, round-the-clock entertainment, new acquaintances and a variety of culture, what else an inquisitive tourist needs. Florida is a state in the USA that tourists visit more often than others, but what about moving?

Criteria for making a decision

Moving somewhere, first of all, you think about how much it costs to live in a new place, what jobs are available to people. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the weather conditions and climate in the region, as it may not suit everyone. Additional criteria may be educational institutions and the level of medical care, especially if you plan to live with the whole family.

The tropical climate, diverse population and a huge number of attractions in Florida attract thousands of people from all over the world. This paradise seems to be the perfect home for everyone.

State demographic statistics

Since 2010, more than 2.7 million new residents have arrived in Florida, making the state the third most populous after California and Texas. The population of Florida, home to over 21.5 million people, grew by 14.6% compared to the previous decade. Over the next few years, analysts predict that Florida will have 845 new residents per day. What is so attractive about the “Sunny State”, and what living conditions it offers – the official website Florida.RealEstate shares this information with its readers.

Labor market

One of the many reasons why Florida is expected to grow is that the state is positioned as an ideal place for business. The proactive and business-friendly government is an expert in creating new high-paying jobs for qualified employees who can compete globally.

Employment statistics:

  • The local GDP is over $1.2 trillion and has grown by more than 62% over the past 10 years;
  • Job growth increased by 5.4% between January and September 2021, compared with 0.8% growth for the country as a whole;
  • The unemployment rate is only 3%, with the leisure and hospitality, information, professional and business services sectors showing the fastest growth rates;
  • 325,000 new jobs were created from March 2021 to March 2022.

Quality of life

There are many reasons why people prefer to live and work in Florida. It offers an almost perfect balance between work and personal life, with excellent employment opportunities and favorable weather, culture, and recreation.

Key indicators of quality of life:

  • It is one of the 8 states where there is no personal income tax;
  • The climate is characterized by annual summer highs of + 27.2°C and winter lows of about +15.5°C.
  • The cost of living is about 2% below the national average;
  • Florida has more than 1,300 golf courses, hundreds of miles of white sand beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, world-class theme parks, international shopping malls, and various sporting events.

Family recreation and leisure

Bars, nightclubs, beaches and parks are always open to everyone. Florida is one of the states with a lot of children’s amusement parks, entertainment events, puppet theaters and circuses. There are 25 dance studios in different directions, 20 art and 15 sculpture studios. There are also culinary clubs, needlewomen and 50 fitness clubs.

Education and medicine

Florida boasts a lot of elementary and secondary schools. There are 15 colleges, 3 universities and 8 institutes in the state. There are also over 50 preschool educational institutions and 15 online services for finding a babysitter. All educational institutions are trying to attract foreign specialists with a huge work experience.

The medical policy provides qualified medical care. Also, all medical procedures and inpatient treatment with a medical policy are absolutely free. The state has recently introduced online patient monitoring. People receive notifications about standard medical procedures by mail and remotely make an appointment with a doctor.

Housing market

From April 2002 to April 2022, housing prices in Florida rose by more than 156%. Over the past 5 years, housing prices have increased by more than 82%.

U.S. News & World Report has published its ranking of the best and worst states for housing affordability and the total cost of living. When collecting data on housing affordability, researchers compare average home prices with average household incomes and mortgage interest rates.

Florida ranks 31st in housing affordability, which means that the “Sunny State” has one of the least affordable housing markets among all 50 states. For comparison, such expensive states as Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii ranked 48th, 49th and 50th.

Start choosing a property in Florida

The housing market is replete with attractive options for any taste and budget. Up-to-date real estate prices in Florida are always available in the catalog on the website Florida.RealEstate. To find the right property, check with an expert to pick up the best properties in the state and its surroundings. In the catalog, you will find excellent villas, penthouses and apartments in popular areas for family living with upscale amenities and well-designed social infrastructure.